May 18

Happy 4th Birthday, Freedom!

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Saturday, May 14th was Freedom’s 4th Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Freedom!  Freedom’s racing name was Free Spitfire.  We thought about changing her name when we got her…because Freedom didn’t sound like a good “girl’ name.  We tried Sara, Beanie and several others, but none of them seemed right.  Finally, I was calling her “our girl doggie.”  It was at that point, we had to admit that “Freedom” was the right name for her.  Freedom is confident, independent, friendly, lovable and sometimes a little bratty (in the best kind of way).  We often ask ourselves, “Where would we be, without our Freedom!” (best said with a Scottish accent in the tradition of Braveheart…blue face paint not required).

When I announced I was doing 4 Faves – Friends Version in May, my friend Amy brought over some of her favorite things to show me.  While she was showing me her favorite Kyjen dog toys, Freedom came over and gently took the toy from Amy and proceeded to play with it.  That’s a pretty good recommendation; so I bought some for Freedom, for her birthday.

Greyhounds are fun to buy toys for because they LOVE toys.  Our first greyhound, Paloma, loved toys…she loved them to DEATH.  The objective for Paloma was simple.  Find the squeaker, kill the squeaker, remove the squeaker and finally, remove all the stuffing.  Done.  Next, please.  We never found a toy, no matter the price or the promise, that Paloma couldn’t accomplish her mission on.  There was only one qualification for Paloma’s toys…cheap.

Freedom and Casper are gentler with their toys, so it’s fun to buy them nicer toys.

Kyjen toys are durable (remember, that is a relative term), have sewn on eyes, and they’re interactive.

Freedom and Casper both enjoyed the new toys.  The birthday fun didn’t stop there.  They both got a birthday bath and then a favorite treat…ICE CREAM!  Happy Birthday, Freedom!

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7 Responses to " Happy 4th Birthday, Freedom!"

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREEDOM! What pawsome toys you got there! Hope you got lots of special yummy treats and CAKE! Pee S – you’re bee-yoo-ti-ful!

    The Road Dogs

  • HAPPY BIRFDAY MISS FREEDOM!!!!!!!! I ahs a beer tonite in your honor, okay? I thinks your name is perfect fur a beeeeautiful brindle girl. Gosh, I sure hopes you had a blast on your special day!

    And leeme just say, I has a hide a squirrel too…it’s what I practice my huntin’ skills on and I use fur squirrel recipe demonstrations too. I just loves it.

    Ummmmm…I don’t thinks a baff is a an ideal pressie fur a birfday…in my opinion.

    PS: I has a an extra keyboard…but it don’t work:)

  • mayziegal says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Freedom! Gosh, you sure did gets some nice toys. I’m a lot like Paloma. Toys don’t last very long around my house. But it’s good you’re nice to yours. It takes all kinds of toy-players in the world.

    Would you mind sharing some of your ice cream? But you can have the bath ALL to yourself! (That sounds like the worst birthday pressie EVER.)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Happiest of Birthdays, Freedom! We have some of those Kygen toys, too, and we love them! However, we have to hide them and only play with them when Morgan isn’t around because she likes to kill the bees that go in the beehive.


    • lori says:

      Thank you Road Dogs, Puddles, Mayzie and Bunny for your sweet birthday wishes! I’m glad to see that all of you acknowledge that a birthday bath is NOT a good thing on one’s birthday. It’s a problem around here. Every time Casper and I get ourselves and our beds smellin’ good, she wants to mess it up. Oh well, we do get an extra special treat after our tubby, so there is that. I do like my new toys, but if you look closely at the picture of me playing with my new toy, you’ll see my most favorite toy…my hedgehog (sigh). I love my hedgehog the best! Again, that you for all the well wishes!


  • houndstooth4 says:

    Freedom, at least they didn’t clean your whole carpet first! It’s an outrage around here, I tell you!


  • mel says:

    What a great birthday extravaganza! I am convicted that we do not properly celebrate our pet’s birthday!! I cannot imagine what you must have done for Olivia on her birthdays 🙂

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