July 9

Happy 5th Birthday, Casper

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Casper Is Five

Casper, the baby of the family, turned 5 years old this past Sunday, July 7th. Here’s a tribute to my little boy:

C – Comical

Casper makes me laugh every day. He is so guileless, fun-loving and goofy that you can’t help but laugh and smile at his antics. Even when he’s naughty, I end up laughing.

A – Adorable

Of our three hounds, Casper is the one everyone is drawn to. He has very expressive eyes, and you can’t help but fall in love with his adorable little self.

S – Sensitive

Freedom is defiant, Nikki is long-suffering, and Casper is sensitive. If I get after him, his feelings get hurt. If he’s mean to one of the girls, he always tries to make up, usually by laying right next to them which they both hate.

P – Playful

Casper has a very playful nature. Zoomies, play bows, chases and laps around the yard are all part of Casper’s daily routine.

E – Endearing

Casper wins hearts. That cute face and sweet nature make him everyone’s favorite.

R – Rambunctious

Casper plays with gusto and keeps an eye on things. He likes to watch out the front window and if anything is going on, Casper, with much energy, let’s us all know.

Happy Birthday, Casper. You’ll always be my sweet baby boy.

Casper With Paw Over Nose

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