May 29

Happy 6 Month Anniversary!

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I started my blog 6 months ago and have enjoyed every single moment of creating and writing it.  I thank everyone who has read, commented, shared and supported me on this journey.

My goal when I started What Remains Now, was to use it as a creative outlet for myself to write about the things I love and am interested in.  Since I am writing about a variety of things, I wanted to write on a schedule so if you enjoyed certain topics, you’d know exactly when to find them.  I wanted to write relatively short posts so you could check it daily or just as easily check it weekly.  I wanted you to know me like a friend.  I wanted to encourage you.  I wanted you to leave What Remains Now feeling good.

I hope that those things happen when you read my blog; but I want to make it even better.  One of the most difficult things about writing a blog is that I feel like I do it in a bubble.  I recently signed up for Elsie Flannigan’s E-Course, Blog Love, so I could learn more about blogging.  Elsie has a wonderful blog, A Beautiful Mess.  I also signed up for a Blog Critique at The Blog Guidebook.  But more important than any of that, I would love to hear from you…general or specific comments.  Here are some prompts:

Specific to What Remains Now:

What do you like best?

What do you like least?

What do you think is missing?

What do you like to read about?

When you’re reading my blog, do you ever find yourself thinking, “I wish she’d change that,” or “I wish she’d add this,” or “I wish she’d (fill in the blank).”  What are those things?

General to What Remains Now:

What is your favorite blog and why is it your favorite?

Do you have any blogs that you admire for their layout?

Think about your favorite blogs.  Why do you like them?

What are your favorite blogs?

Would you help me out?  Please leave me your feedback as a comment, or if you prefer you can email me at  Watch for some new things in the coming months.

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11 Responses to " Happy 6 Month Anniversary!"

  • I have an hour before my dental appointment and will try to finish answering all your questions by then.


    Maybe just the short version.

    As you know, I only discovered your blog after you left those lovely notes for Rufus. I’m pretty glad I did. But that means I can’t answer your questions too deeply because I haven’t read most of your old posts.

    Although I’m a dogblogger [90% of the time and a ranter the rest – is there even such a word?], I find myself enjoying, more and more, dogblogs that are also about other stuff.

    I like that you’re crafty, a bookworm and a movie buff too. If dogs were your entire life, it’d be a bit creepy :p

    I do have blogs that I admire for their layout. The one that instantly pops up in my head because it’s in my google reader though I hardly [never] read it is Lassie, Come Home. I would love my blog to look like that but my limited IT skills means that will never happen.

    One of my fave blogs is Leaves Of Grass because it has a meandering quality about it and is a kitchen sink of thoughts and pictures. Also because the lady is lovely and I learn a lot of Portuguese from her!

    When I first started blogging, my fave blogs were those that I could learn from because Georgia was a bit of a nighmare. It was great to be able to share sorrows and ideas. As she grew up, I started to enjoy other types of dogblogs more – funny silly ones. Now that Georgia has become *ahem* A Lady and hardly does stuff worth blogging about anymore, I’ve started to read more “open” blogs like yours.

    In short, my reading list is ever changing. I still love many of my old favourites because they have become dear friends [despite not really knowing them in the real world!].

    I think you should fill your blog with things you enjoy. It’s YOUR blog after all. Why write it to please anyone else? Like-minded people will always find you 🙂

    I hope that terribly long ramble …helped?

    Hug for the week 🙂

    • lori says:

      Thank you, Georgia’s mom! I truly appreciate your feedback. One of the things I enjoy about blogging is how it encourages me to think and put together something nice. That’s the whole point behind me asking these questions and why your response is so appreciated…it helps me get the “creative juices” flowing because it gives me another perspective. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Oh wow! Well, I really like your blog, and I don’t have any complaints. I’d say my favorite things are your favorite things posts, learning about new books, and the ones where you talk about creative process. I like things that make me think!

    I’d love it if we got to see a little more of Casper and Freedom! That would be my only request. 🙂 (Bunny might have made me write that!)

    I have a variety of favorite blogs, and I like them for different reasons. I love Romping and Rolling in the Rockies because of her amazing photographs, and It’s A Greyt Day for the same reason. I also adore Wilf’s the PON Discovers France because every day he has some little snippet of their rural life that touches me. The blogs that I’m the most drawn to are ones where I feel inspired to be a better writer or photographer or person in general.

    I actually love the layout of your blog! I covet those soda bottle buttons and the vintage look of it like you can’t believe!

  • Amy says:

    I love Favorite Things especially seeing what friends like too… maybe a theme for each month… pets, foods, beauty, music. I am going to buy a Wolfpack because of this and bring it to Dewey Beach. I know you have found some new favorites from these suggestions too. I loved the first aid kit because it helped me get my act together.

    I also appreciate your honesty that you can’t just create a work studio in a weekend – glad you aren’t perfect like Martha or we just would not get along 🙂 It is nice to see the true messy process of getting organized. It is more inspiring than the outcome to see you dig in, go back, revise, edit.

    I would like to see some guest posts if you need a day off – I think Puddles would have quite a lot to say 🙂 And Bunny too.

    I loved seeing what you do as a docent, your visit to see the Princess Diana memorabilia, and Spring Fling. I think a feature on the places you go is nice.

    Next steps would be to make product for Etsy based on the things you are trying for the blog and tie What Remains now into the upcycled product. The fact that you have the discipline to do this for 6 months and all you have learned means you are ready. My girls are waiting for flowers to attach to their collars – they say “Aunt Lori we want new bling options nobody has and you have something unique” This is the scary but logical direction. An you already have a pre-order from me.

    Amy, Miura, Zonda and foster Nikki

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Oooooo! I’m pretty sure Bunny and I are going to Dewey with a friend this year, too! We’ll have to look for you guys.

    Bunny, Blueberry and Lilac agree, you need to sell those flowers as collar or leash bling!

  • Kathy Guy says:

    I love the posts about dogs and the posts about your personal growth.

    The pics and captions you give the dogs are adorable! Your thoughts about life are wise.

    Craft posts — it is so NOT ME. However, I love to see the transformation process. I scan those because the odds of me doing any of them — yeah, not happenin’.

    Book & movie posts — I always have a long list of my own to read or watch — it’s like voyeurism — let’s me snoop into your life!

    I think I most love the opportunity watching you allow yoursel to “be known”. It’s really quite beautiful Lori — as you are beautiful!

  • Sherry says:

    I love the posts about your favorite things the best. Always such a variety, and I love the theme for May (even though I am a slacker and could never actually contribute)!

    I really like your crafting posts because each of your crafts is so whimsical! I always am delighted just looking at them – they are fun.

    I love that your blog gives you freedom (and Casper! j/k) to talk about most anything, but is structured as well. I look forward to reading about the next new Greyhound fact, or the books and movies…

    My favorite blog is The Pioneer Woman cooks, and I love it because it is useful, it is funny, and her personality makes me laugh. I read the blog and think, I would like to be friends with this person in real life!

    And I read your blog and think, I’m so happy we are friends in real life! I think for me, your blog is thoughtful, and insightful, whereas in real life, I see more of the spontaeousness of you. So it’s all different facets of you – all good stuff!

    Keep up the good work! Proud of you for going at it for six months!

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