June 18

Happy 6th Birthday, Nikki!

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Nikki Is Six

Guess who’s a “birthday girl” on June 20th? Nikki! Nikki will be 6 years old. Here’s a little tribute to my girl:

N – Noble

Nikki has such a gentle and stoic nature. Like most Greyhounds, it gives her an air of nobility. Of course, the classic lines don’t hurt either.

I – Ideal

Nikki truly is the perfect dog. She never does anything wrong. Ever. She doesn’t give me much blog material, but you couldn’t have a better dog.

K – Kind

Nikki is the gentlest dog I have ever met. I know “kind” is a human adjective, but I think it fits Nikki’s spirit.

K – Kissable

Nikki has a sweet face that I love to kiss. You just have to be careful because Nikki will kiss back.

I – Inaccessible

Nikki had a hard past. Although I believe with all my heart that we can overcome and flourish in spite of what happens in our lives, I also believe the events add up and sometimes change who we might have been in a perfect world. I believe that is true of Nikki. There is something inaccessible with Nikki. What has it taught me? That I need to look for those who hang back and extend myself to them…to look beyond the surface. I don’t know what is in a person or animal’s past; I can only be a kind and gentle influence in their present and future.

Happy Birthday, my sweet little girl. Love you so much.

Help A Houndie Pitch-In

I’ve placed a donation link on my sidebar for Dotti. Dotti was severely injured when she ran into a wire. It cut through an artery and tendon. She will need extensive medical care to help her walk again. Dotti is from Freedom, Casper and Nikki’s Greyhound group, Allies for Greyhounds. If you can help, I know Dotti’s mom is grateful.

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