May 12

Happy Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day 2013

Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. My mother is still alive and a blessing to me, and although she is and has been a primary influence in my life, I am the product of many mothers. That reminded me of a beautiful, heartfelt article I read by Vinita Hampton Wright called Mother without child: A Mother’s Day reflection that was printed in the May 2010 issue of U.S. Catholic magazine. The author does not have biological children and much of the article deals with her feelings on that subject, but it is the article’s final portion I was particularly reflecting on this Mother’s Day. The author states, “Motherhood has to do with protecting life while it’s in formation,” and it is this spirit that touches me deeply and has benefited me my whole life through so many different women.

So to all the women who have been my mothers, I say “thank you.” I wouldn’t be who I am without you, and may I too carry the spirit of motherhood to all those whose lives I touch.

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