April 13

How To Paint An Owl – Week 2

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I’m taking the How to Paint an Owl E-course.  This is a five-week course from Juliette Crane.  Here’s the schedule:

Week 1 – Backgrounds

Week 2 – Owls

Week 3 – Embellishments

Week 4 – Scene

Week 5 – Review

This week, Juliette showed us how to take simple shapes and create our owls.  I sketched out my owls and filled them in.  I did two things: (1) I tried to pick unexpected colors.  I wanted to see them against the backgrounds to see if the unusual colors sparked any new ideas. (2)  I didn’t make my colors too opaque.  I wanted to leave myself room to play with the colors and shapes.

Here are my basic owl shapes:

Daily Inspiration

Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand.

Thomas Aquinas

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