March 13

I’m a Copshaholm Docent

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When I was a little girl, my mom would drive into downtown South Bend, Indiana to shop.  On the way, we would pass  by this magnificent home and I would ask, “Who lives there?”  My mom would answer, “The Olivers.”  Copshaholm is the home built by J.D. Oliver for his family.  J.D. Oliver’s father, James, developed processes to create a better plow and his the business eventually became the Oliver Chilled Plow Works.  Where James was a genius at innovation and invention, J.D. was the financial genius who made the Oliver Chilled Plow Works the largest manufacturer of plows in the world.

Copshaholm is different from many historic homes in that it was turned over to the Center for History in 1988 fully intact.  As a visitor to Copshaholm, you get to see it as the family lived in it, suspended in time.  It is an American treasure.

Last Monday, I took my test and now I am a docent at Copshaholm.  A docent is a host, an interpreter and a guide.  I would love to take you on a tour.  Tours are available Monday-Saturday, 11 am, 1 pm and 2 pm and Sunday, 1 pm and 2:30 pm.  Your tour also includes Dom Robotnika (The Polish Worker’s Home).  An added bonus, the Studebaker National Museum is adjacent to the Center for History.  As a little girl, I was spellbound by this beautiful home, now it is my privilege and honor to share it with others.

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3 Responses to " I’m a Copshaholm Docent"

  • Amy says:

    We totally need to do this some weekend!

  • mel says:

    i love old home tours and love Copshaholm too, Lori. I would like to have you as a tour guide on my next visit! Do you think there are any current day homes that will warrant tours 100 years from now; that will capture people’s imaginations and hearts as Copshaholm and others do? Enjoy your role Docent!

  • jenny says:

    sooo cool! will have to check your schedule and see when you’re there! would love a tour!

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