January 21

In My Studio – January 21

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Here’s what’s been happening in my studio…

Last year, I started an art journal project using prompts from Art Journal All Year E-Course from Red Velvet Shop. The course offers an art challenge and a journal challenge for 52 weeks. This week, I finished up Weeks 39 & 40.

Art Journal S&W

As promised, here are the cards I made at the card club I hosted on January 13.

January Card 3

A lovely Valentine card.

January Card 4

An “I Love You” card.

January Card 5

This card was made from a kit…just peel and stick the decorations.

 This Week’s Inspiration

Something new I’m doing in 2013…Inspiration Mondays and Results Thursdays. Every Monday, I’ll post a painting “inspiration” and then on Thursdays, I’ll post how I’m interpreting that inspiration.

Last week’s inspiration was NURSERY COLORS, and here is my interpretation.

Nursery Colors Girl 2

This week’s inspiration comes from a list of ideas I wrote down during my Artist Date at Down To Earth. I wrote down “day of the week.” To pick the day of the week, I wrote the days on slips of paper and drew one from a jar. The winner was TUESDAY, so that’s my inspiration for this week.

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8 Responses to " In My Studio – January 21"

  • Patty says:

    I would have to use a kit to make cards. LOL They are all pretty.

  • Sue says:

    Your album is really fab.

    Loving your cards.

  • I love your album and cards, I could never do anything like that.
    Lynne x

  • Veronica says:

    I have to laugh. I kept an art journal for awhile. But it sure didn’t look anything like yours! Mine was a ratty old sketch book with things pasted in from magazines or things I scribbled down or tried to sketch out. Someone might actually think me an artist if I had a lovely art journal like yours!

  • Geez, where evers does I begin. Your talents is just limitless.
    I LOVES camera on your page…cards be incredibles…and holy squirrel snot I freakin’ LOVE da girl!


  • Can’t wait to see the results of the inspiration.

  • I keep a journal. I have since I was 10. As I got older, and being artistically inclined, I began to add “fodder” to my journals. Within the last few years, I discovered the art journal, and though I don’t put art on all of my pages, I am interested in adding flourishes, etc to my normal written entries. I bought their first book, Journal Junkies Workshop because I liked that they seemed to have a different perspective on the art journal. They seem a little disdainful (as another reviewer pointed out) of other popular art journalers who always use layer after layer of paint and include antique-y photos with dunce caps and wings. True, those elements seem to be favored by a lot of artists for some reason. But if THAT is what speaks to those people, then they should do it.I was firstly disappointed that the “365” and “daily doses of inspiration” didn’t mean that there were actually 365 writing/journaling/art prompts. They divide the book in 12 sections, meant to be done throughout a year, but then they give you only 4 basic prompts, that, one would assume, you are supposed to ruminate over for 7 whole days. I think they mention that there are places on the internet that list journal prompts, but couldn’t they have just come up with a big list anyway, to make the title more true?I liked the prompts, I will possibly work some into my journal, but their techniques that they show were all pretty much covered already in their other book.I really love the look of the cover. And one last note: Neither of these guys must have kids for them to suggest you leave your journal out and open on your desk. If I were to do that, my kids would grab the nearest crayons and scissors; goodbye journal.

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