March 6

Indie Business 3.0

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As I’ve been blogging and going through The Artist’s Way, I found myself imagining and seeing all sorts of possibilities.  What “all sorts of possibilities” looks like in my head is a swarming beehive…ideas, dreams, fears, art, crafts, time, space, people, housework, skill, excitement, possibilities and on and on and on.  I realized that I needed some guidance and a starting point…enter, Indie Business 3.0.

I started on March 1st and the teachers, course material, students and support is INCREDIBLE.  When I first logged on, I was overwhelmed; but after reading and working through the assignments and quietly (because I didn’t want anyone to notice me) visiting the Student Lounge, I’ve started to feel quite at home.

Online courses are a wonderful way to learn and are often very reasonably priced.  I would love to hear about any online course you have taken or would like to take.  Let me know by commenting on this post or become a fan of What Remains Now on Facebook.


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3 Responses to " Indie Business 3.0"

  • houndstooth4 says:

    I’ve never taken online courses, mainly because I feel like I’m not self-motivated enough to do well with them. I’m curious to hear how you end up like it, though! 🙂

    • lori says:

      This course is nice because you can work with the material as it’s presented or you can work with it at your own pace. The lessons are presented on a private blog that I can use until March 2012. If you “participate” in class, you can go to the Student Lounge where you can post questions (and reply to others’ questions), post pictures and connect like that. We have assignments, but nothing is due to the instructors or class unless you want to share There are also 3 live chats available that you can participate in. Another thing about this course…I’m REALLY interested in the material. That helps. I’m totally with you about online courses where “discipline” is a requirement. I have failed several of those.

  • bonitarose says:

    so happy to be in this course with you! hugs bonitarose

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