January 31

Inspiration Results – January 31

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Every Monday, I’m posting a painting “inspiration.” Every Thursday, I’m posting how I interpreted that inspiration. I decided to do this to keep myself painting, to strengthen how I go from an idea to a painting, and to give myself permission to play and try new things.

This week’s inspiration was FUR. That put me in mind of a painting I started in November.

AEDM 2012 Day 12

I decided to make her hat, scarf and muff furry.

Fur Girl

I’m going to let her “rest” for a few days, then consider if I want to do anything else to her.

Fur Girl 2

She’s close to done.

How to be HAPPY!


Every Thursday, I’m also participating in How to be HAPPY! a challenge hosted by Jay of The Depp Effect. This is a great challenge because it really makes you consider the things that make life good, and often those things are small but powerful. Here’s something that makes me happy…MY SLOW COOKER.

Slow Cooker

I remember I “earned” my first slow cooker from a Tupperware party I hosted as a young woman. This is my current slow cooker. I’ve had it for 8 or 9 years. I love the food that comes out of a slow cooker and how easy they are to use. I think about replacing my current slow cooker whenever I see a particularly pretty new one, but my old Somersize slow cooker does the job, so it stays and keeps making me happy.

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9 Responses to " Inspiration Results – January 31"

  • You did a great job on the fur, Lori! I’m not sure I’d do anything else to her, but I am now very curious to see her if you do! You probably have vision that I do not, and will do something wonderful – and then I’ll think ‘Well, how could I have imagined she was finished before?’

    I don’t have a slow-cooker. I have a pressure cooker. They pretty much achieve the same things – a wonderful, intensely-flavoured dish of succulently soft meat, for instance – but in different ways. You save time with your slow cooker by early preparation and lengthy cooking, I save time with rapid cooking. But I can prepare stews and casseroles in my pressure cooker ahead of time and reheat them – or even freeze them for later. In either case, I suspect clean-up is a doddle for both of us.

    Can you do other things in the slow cooker? Can you do sponge puddings?

    Thanks for taking part in How to be HAPPY! – I hope one day it will grow!

    • lori says:

      You know, I’ve only used my slow cooker to make main dishes, but I’ve seen every type of dish in recipe books, including plenty of desserts. I need to expand my repertoire.

  • Daisy says:

    Our grandpa who was an artist always said it took two people to paint a picture. One to do the painting, and one to tell when it was done. Love the fur.

    We love slow cookers in this house, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  • Sue says:

    Loving the lady in her furs:)

  • Patty says:

    I love the lady! I also love my slow cooker. Roast beef, pork roast and even chili……Mmmmmm LOL

  • Love her, I really like her outfit too.
    I have always wanted to try a slow cooker.
    Lynne x

  • She looks so warm, good use of fur!
    I love my slow cooker. I love it so much I have 2!

  • 8 or 9 years! Best hold on to it. I don’t think they make electricals that last as well anymore. I love slow cooked food. I have a pressure cooker (Christmas family dip) but have never used it because I prefer slowly simmering and braising stuff. Waste of electricity and gas the man says! LOL.

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