July 18

Inspiration Results – July 18

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Every Monday, I post a painting “inspiration.” Every Thursday, I post how I interpreted the inspiration. I decided to do this to keep myself painting, to strengthen how I go from an idea to a painting, and to give myself permission to play and try new things.

This week’s inspiration was GENTLENESS.

Gentleness Girl 1

I’m still working on her, but she’s close to done.

Gentleness Girl 2

This is my first girl with closed eyes.

Gentleness Girl 3

How to be HAPPY!


Every Thursday, Jay of The Depp Effect, posts something that makes her happy, and I’m playing along. She encourages us to look around and notice the things that make us happy. I enjoy this challenge because it makes me consider the things that make me happy, but are easily overlooked. It’s a wonderful exercise in attention and gratitude. Please grab the badge and join in.

Here’s something that makes me happy…SHARP SCISSORS.

Sharp Scissors

I was thinking about things that make me happy, and right away I thought of the satisfaction and ease that comes with using a pair of sharp scissors. This is my collection of “good” scissors. By “good,” I mean “hidden.” I have a special box where I keep these scissors so they’ll be used for the purpose for which they were intended, as opposed to purposes for which they weren’t intended…like cutting open plastic clamshell packaging. Not that this has ever happened in our home. I received four of the six as presents. Scissors actually make a very nice gift. The right tool makes the task a pleasure.

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8 Responses to " Inspiration Results – July 18"

  • Sue says:

    Love this painting. Think you have ‘Gentleness’ spot on.

  • Love Gentleness. Have a fabulous Friday and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  • Finn says:

    I love your painting!

    Something made me smile when you brought up how you like sharp scissors. I get satisfaction from that sound when you cut through paper. Have a great weekend!

  • Love her, she just looks gentle. And yep, sharp scissors are a must in life.

  • Madi and Mom says:

    Hi Lori we are late to this post but yesterday afternoon I had my annual Senior kitty check up.
    Anyway your scissors post reminded mom of her Gma!!
    Oh was she peee-cul-iar about her scissors. They were hers and hers alone just for sewing and no one should even consider using them for anything else. No it did not matter that you were tied up and the house could be on fire and they scissors were your only escape. DO NOT USE HER scissors to cut the rope!!! LOL
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  • Your little girls are getting more and more interesting! I like the closed eyes and the ‘prim’ look of this one!

    I also like your collection of scissors. I am the same with knives, though these days I don’t need to hide away the good ones. I have more knives than I really know what to do with, to be honest, but something about them is so satisfying, in the same way as a sharp pair of scissors. I do also hide some scissors though, because dressmaking scissors can be ruined so easily by wrong use, and they are so essential for their purpose. Also, my little sharp pair of Frosolone scissors don’t get lent to anyone else unless I know they won’t be abused!

    Somebody told me that a good way to open plastic clamshell packaging is to use a tin-opener, but I haven’t yet tried it! Sounds as if it would work though. We try to avoid buying anything in this horrible, wasteful type of packaging now.

  • She is beautiful, so serene and certainly gentle.

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