March 21

Inspiration Results – March 21

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Every Monday, I’m posting a painting “inspiration.” Every Thursday, I’m posting how I interpreted the inspiration. I decided to do this to keep myself painting, to strengthen how I go from an idea to a painting, and to give myself permission to play and try new things. For the next several weeks, I’m taking my inspiration from the great ideas you sent me.

This week’s inspiration is from Lynne of Dip-Dip and The Bridge…SPRING FLOWERS. Here’s the girl that came out of that inspiration…

Spring Flowers Girl 1

I’ll probably work on her a bit more. I’d like to beef-up her bouquet and perhaps add more definition to her hat. When I’m working on a painting, the longer I work, the more I find myself focusing on small things. I like to stop, then come back to it. Often, after a bit of a break, I can more clearly see the details or colors I’d like to add.

Spring Flowers Girl 2

How to be HAPPY!


Every Thursday, Jay of The Depp Effect, posts something that makes her happy, and I’m playing along. She encourages us to look around and notice the things that make us happy. I enjoy this challenge because it makes me consider the things that make me happy, but are easily overlooked. It’s a wonderful exercise in attention and gratitude. Please grab the badge and join in.

Here’s something that makes me happy…COMFORTABLE SHOES.

Comfortable Shoes

I’ve always been particular about my shoes, mainly because I have a wide foot and medium-width shoe (read cute and inexpensive) are excruciating on me. A few years ago, I decided I would try my best to ONLY have comfortable shoes in my closet. I still have a few “ouchies” I need to get rid of, but for the most part, I have pretty happy feet.

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15 Responses to " Inspiration Results – March 21"

  • Houndstooth says:

    I love the details in your girl this week! The flowers are perfect!

    I have high arches and narrow feet, so comfortable shoes are very important to me, too! If it’s not comfortable, then it had better be a VERY special occasion!

  • Love the flowers!

    I am with you on comfy shoes. No matter what they cost, if they hurt, they are gone!

    Have a great night.

  • Penelope says:

    Do you use any glazing techniques? A hint of a slightly darker colour using a glaze around the outside of your girl would make her pop from the background.

    • lori says:

      Thank you for telling me about this. I’m playing with this technique (which I wasn’t aware of before you mentioned it), and I love it.

  • Daisy says:

    SHE graduated to comfortable shoes…and happy feet a long time ago.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  • Sue says:

    Loving this bright cheery girl.

    I can remember wearing those types of sandals when I was a kid. Now I am older I still prefer comfortable foot wear.

  • Kat says:

    Okay, when you decide you’re done with her, you *must* give me a chance to buy her!!! You nailed the ‘spring’ inspiration…having been born on the first day of spring, I think she’s gonna’ have to live with me 🙂

  • If you lot all had paws life would be simpler!

  • She is super cute! And as I get older, it’s all about the comfy shoes, and pants, and everything else.

  • Woof! Woof! Love the background too. Great details. My mom agree on having comfy shoes. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  • This week’s girl is a little too ‘busy’ for my taste, but I do like the way you’ve given her flowers for hair! Very, very sweet.

    Comfortable shoes!! YES!! A huge happiness factor there!

  • sue taylor says:

    Love love the flowers for hair, brilliant idea!

    I too can only wear expensive shoes these days, with all the pins and rods in my feet they just won’t tolerate cute and cheap, although I did dscover last year I can wear toe posts which means I can at least look a bit femine LOL.

    Love sue and the taylor hounds x

  • I love the girl! She’s happy!

    I also like your sandals. They look like Berkies, but aren’t? I have the same wide feet as you and my favourite shoes are brands like Keen and Teva. Flat, fat and comfy. The range in Australia is unfortunately dreadful, and two or more times what they cost in the States 🙁

    • lori says:

      The shoes in the picture are Birkenstocks, one of my favorite brands. That’s what I like…flat, fat & comfy

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