July 3

Inspiration! Award

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I was surprised and delighted when Tales and Tails gave me the Inspiration! Award.  Blog awards are a nice way to say, “I like what you’re doing!” and to share fun facts and things you like with others.  If there were a “#1 Favorite Blog” Award, I would give it to Tales and Tails.  Carrie’s blog introduced me to the fun of blog reading and inspired me to start What Remains Now.  As I’ve said before, there would be no What Remains Now without Tales and Tails.  Thank you, Carrie!

As recipient of this award, you are asked to link back to the blog that honored you with the award and share ten other blogs that inspire you.  A note to my awardees:  If you don’t care to share awards on your blog, that’s okay.  I just want you to know that you inspire me in life, in spirit and in blogging.

Since I blog about all the things I love, I thought it would be fun to share a variety of blogs that I enjoy and that inspire me.


Inside A Black Apple – Inside A Black Apple is the blog that What Remains Now wants to be when it grows up.  Emily’s blog is beautiful to look at and to read.  She is an extraordinary artist and her creative spirit touches every aspect of her life.

Creative Collective – Creative Collective is a group of bloggers who share fun, interactive projects with their readers.  You can follow along and even share with other readers on their Flickr group or on their Facebook page.  Every month they host a challenge.  July’s project is “Time To Finish” and challenges you to finish a project that you started but have tucked away somewhere.

Favorite Things

74 Lime Lane – Kellie is a blogger, graphic artist and photographer (she’s one of the members that bring us the Creative Collective).  Kellie is an avid blog reader, so her posts are full of links to fun things she finds on the web.  I’m also inspired by Kellie because she posts about some of the nitty-gritty details of managing a creative life.

How About Orange – Jessica is a graphic and textile designer.  Her blog is beautiful and she shares links to a variety of sites on a variety of topics.  She also offers free printables and fonts.

Greyhounds (and Pig Dogs)

Never Say Never Greyhounds – Jennifer’s blog chronicles her life as she trains and competes with her greyhounds in obedience and agility events.  Reading Jennifer’s blog inspires me to do more with Freedom and Casper.  She’s also super kind and willing to help you personally with advice for any challenge you may be facing with your dog.

Little Dogs On Long Leashes – Georgia is an Australian Pig Dog who has strong opinions and has been known to get in a kerfluffle or two; but Georgia is well on her way to becoming a perfect lady.  Her Typist (that’s her mom) blogs about their adventures.  Both Georgia and her mom are big-hearted, funny (hilarious actually) and well…opinionated.  They’re just fun to know, and I’m glad I do!


One Pretty Thing – Rachel showcases DIY projects and tutorials and links to their sources.  She also has a wonderful category browser that makes it easy to find things.

blah to TADA! – Claire does numerous times a week, what I try to do once a week with my Thursday craft post, “Look What I Found! Now What Do I Do With It?”  blah to TADA! is how Claire recycles and whether you craft or not, you’ll get a kick out of Claire’s vision and creativity.


Sunset Gun – Sunset Gun is Kim Morgan’s blog.  Kim is a writer and knows movies and the movie business.  Kim’s posts will introduce you to things you didn’t know and give you a deeper appreciation for film and the art and talent that goes into making one.

Emma Book Blogger – Emma’s blog is relatively new (her first post was November 2010).  I enjoy the diversity in Emma’s selections and the honesty of her reviews.

I hope this inspires you to take a look at these blogs.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know about the blogs that inspire you.


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11 Responses to " Inspiration! Award"

  • houndstooth says:

    I just got a minute to sit down after spending the day getting ready for our big party tonight, and I’m so glad you liked the award! I’m only familiar with two of the blogs on your list, so I’m excited to go and check out the others when I get time later.

  • Thank you for the award, special mention, and your email. I am happy to help and I’m glad it inspires.

  • thanks lori. sorry i didn’t read this sooner. have been having an exciting weekend – read wisdom tooth extraction and dreadful reaction to it. i took a couple of days off reading/blogging [basically just watched , drank soup and sulked] and probably missed quite a few posts. everyone moves at the speed of light around the blogging world [except me, it would appear].

    my dentist said [prior to the extraction] that 95% of people would have easy extractions and only 5% would be complicated. guess which category i fell into? amazingly, my head still aches.

    thanks again for the award! 🙂

  • Emma says:

    Wow, thanks so much for the mention. I had no idea people actually came back to read my stuff over and over…I only have one regular subscriber. Never had anyone say anything like this before, so it means a lot! Will continue to keep it updated.

    • lori says:

      Emma…It is a pleasure to read your blog. I love the variety in what you read, and your reviews are very clear. I look forward to being one of your “readers” for a long time.

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  • Rachel says:

    AWW! Thanks so much for including me Lori! You’ve made my day. I’m so honored to be listed in such wonderful company! =)

    • lori says:

      I always enjoy seeing what you have found for us. Your picks and groupings are always an inspiration to me.

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