January 22

Introductions – Nikki

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Every Tuesday in 2013, I’ll post something about the houndies. To start, I’d like to introduce Freedom, Casper and Nikki. This week, it’s Nikki’s turn.

Intro Nikki 1

Nikki is a retired racing greyhound, and she’s 5 years old. Her racing name was Silver Nikita. Nikki is our champion greyhound. She ran 75 races and placed 1st in 8 races. The funny thing…Nikki hardly ever runs in the backyard. Freedom and Casper will be racing around the yard, and Nikki just walks around and lays in the grass.

A little note…I said Freedom and Casper had less than 10 races each. That is true, but a little misleading. Freedom had TWO races and Casper had ZERO. I don’t even know if I can classify Casper as a retired racing greyhound (ha).

Intro Nikki 2

Back to Nikki…We adopted Freedom and Casper in April 2010 shortly after we lost our beloved Paloma. We never planned on being a 3 dog family. 2 seemed just the right amount…then came Nikki. Nikki was fostered by our friends. They got her in March 2011, and I first got the feeling that Nikki maybe should be ours in May 2011 during our Greyhound group’s annual Spring Fling get-together. A lady who was interested in adopting Nikki came to see her and I kept thinking, “I don’t want her to have Nikki.” The lady didn’t end up taking Nikki and as the next few months passed, whenever I heard that Nikki had a home visit, I’d find myself hoping that she wouldn’t be picked, and she never was.

 Intro Nikki 3

My girlfriend and I speculate that Nikki was never chosen because first, she was meant to come to our home and second, she never “showed” well. Most folks look for a big personality and a special spark. Nikki doesn’t have those.  Nikki is a VERY reserved dog. Nikki had a traumatic past. Her trainer, when his racing license wasn’t renewed, decided to starve his greyhounds. He was discovered when he turned in 8 malnourished greyhounds to a greyhound adoption group. At the track, authorities discovered 32 dead greyhounds and 5 still clinging to life.

5 Years - Nikki

Nikki has made some big strides, but she is still very cautious. We’ve celebrated victories with Nikki, like the first time she roached out and the first time she play bowed with my husband and did some spins in the living room. Nikki was the perfect pup to add to our pack. Where Freedom and Casper are all about playing and arguing with each other, Nikki takes it all in stride.

I Look Like A Lab

Nikki is the complete opposite of Freedom when it comes to her coat. Nikki is the furriest greyhound I’ve ever met. I like to say that if it weren’t for her pointy snout, you’d think she was a Black Lab.

Nikki Face

Nikki is the best and sweetest dog. I love this gentle spirit so much, it hurts at times. She is my little baby and my fuzzy bear.

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24 Responses to " Introductions – Nikki"

  • It has been fun learning more about each of your dogs. They are each unique and so beautiful too. We are sure that Nikki played a role in getting herself into your home:) She had you pegged from the start.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  • stella rose says:

    we also have enjoyed learning about your three greyhounds…our heart broke when we read about nikki’s past….we have to tell ourselves that karma will get him back tenfold!!! she is a beautyful little girl!!
    stella rose and mom

  • Patty says:

    I guess Nikki feels like running is work and she is retired now. LOL She is beautiful.

    I didn’t know about Paloma. You lost her suddenly like we lost Jack. 🙁
    How long did you have her? It is never long enough.

    • lori says:

      We only had our beautiful Paloma for 6 months. She wasn’t even 3 years old. She changed who I am…in a very good way.

  • I really enjoyed hearing about how Nikki came to live with you. She is a gorgeous young lady who I’m sure was glad to retire to a wonderful family and comfy bed.
    Lynne x

  • Heather says:

    I can only imagine the terror Nikki must have felt at being treated that way. Oh & those poor dogs that were not saved 🙁 Thank you for providing the perfect home for her.She is beautiful in all of her pictures, but I LOVE the one on the sand.

    I just got back from reading about Paloma. She sounded like a fun girl. I am sorry that you lost her. How funny that you did not want to go to her house due to the 4 large dogs 🙂

  • She sounds like an extra special dog and I am so glad you found a home who loves her so much!

  • Sue says:

    So glad Nikki was saved from such a terrible situation and she hung on long enough for you to finally realise she was meant for you.

  • Amy says:

    This is Nikki (and Casper’s) foster mom here. I was so relieved when our dearest friends who are also the kindest people we know FINALLY decided to adopt her! She was waiting and I was hinting 🙂 We get to see her all the time, vacation with her, see her on holidays, and know she is safe. Our rescue group was so good in letting me say no to potential adopters that weren’t perfect for her… No kids to bug her… No jogging 5 miles a day… No aggressive doggie siblings for her. I love Lori and Henry for being her mom and dad. I love to see this girl who was broken-spirited and fearful so completely content and happy now <3

  • Kari says:

    I love her standing up ears!

    Stop on by for a visit

  • Veronica says:

    Still waters run the deepest. Here’s to you beautiful Nikki. You are a lucky girl and your mum and dad are lucky too!

  • What a sad past. I guess she was one of the 5 clinging to life. It’s ironic that the racer no longer runs and the other 2 do. Or maybe not ironic. Maybe it’s completely understandable.

    I’m so happy to now be formally introduced to all 3 of your greys! Cheers X

    • lori says:

      I actually believe that Nikki was one of the eight that the man turned in to the adoption group. I think that because I believe they kept the five survivors in Florida as “evidence” in his trial. I’m not sure though.

  • Angela J says:

    I have enjoyed getting to know Freedom, Casper and Nikki better! Maddy would like to say Hi to Nikki, as they are half-sisters (of course with Dodgem By Design for a father, I guess they have a lot of half-siblings out there). I didn’t realize that Nikki was one of the Ebro hounds. When I was “fostering” Maddy, I remember thinking the same thing every time someone was interested in her, then finally I realized I wasn’t going to let her go anywhere.

    • lori says:

      I can see you are familiar with the case because you are right, she came from Ebro. I didn’t know that Nikki and Maddy are half-sisters! So cool.

  • Houndstooth says:

    Nikki, your story made my tail wag! I’m so glad you found your happily ever after!


  • Penelope says:

    She is such a great looking girl! I just love how expressive her eyes are!
    Nellies Mom

  • Kat says:

    Oh! You totally made me tear up with telling about dear Nikki’s past!!! Am so happy she has such a wonderful forever home now 😀 … and then you had to go and get me in trouble with today’s post about new etsy finds!

  • Kat says:

    Oh yeah, another thing! 😀 I understand why you turn off comments on your new poetry & kindness challenge days, but I wanted to tell you that I love the Emily Dickenson quote you used week before last (?) [aye! my days all run together!] I confess that, just like today’s quote on my blog, I discovered it on an episode of Criminal Minds. I love that show! It’s very disturbing, but I absolutely adore the characters they’ve created…and they always start and frequently finish episodes with some amazing quotes. Soundtrack has led me astray as well…

  • It’s lovely to meet your sweet Nikki! I’m so glad she found you and is recovering from her horrific past. Although most people don’t look for it, having a dog who’s a bit reserved isn’t a bad thing and Nikki’s evidence of that.

  • sue taylor says:

    I am so pleased Nikki has such a warm loving home sounds like she had a tough time, what a total sweetheart she is adorable Lori and deserves to have such a loving family, something are just meant to be.

    Sue xxx

  • She’s a beautiful girl….(well she is my cousin!!) and very lucky to have found you. Deccy x

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