June 3


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What better way to start off the summer than reacquainting yourself with this masterful suspense classic.  A great white shark is terrorizing the beach off Amity Island.  The town decides to hire someone to kill the shark.  Roy Scheider (the town’s sheriff), Richard Dreyfuss (a marine biologist) and Robert Shaw (the professional shark hunter) go after the shark.  They soon learn that they’re not only hunting the shark, the shark is hunting them.  It’s not just the story that makes this movie compelling; it’s the iconic characters, the superb acting and directing and of course, the film’s music score.  This was Steven Spielberg’s third film.  If you have the chance to see the documentary about the making of Jaws, please see it; you’ll be fascinated.

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2 Responses to " Jaws"

  • houndstooth says:

    I still LOVE this movie, and it’s still scary to me in parts. My mom went to see it when she was pregnant with my sister and my dad came home with bruises all over his arm. She has always been a movie screamer and my sister and I loved renting it over the years and then cackling like mad when she’d scream at the scary parts. Ah, memories! Anyway, I never get tired of this movie!

    • lori says:

      I was actually underwhelmed when I first saw it as a teenager. My sister saw it first and was terribly affected by it. She got me so wound up that the shark would have had to leap off the screen and eat a few moviegoers before it could have lived up to what she had me prepared for. Once I had more realistic expectations, I LOVED IT.

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