July 6

Juliette, Georgia

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Juliette, GA 1

For the next few weeks, I’m going to share some of the stops we made during the road trip I took with my mom and one of my sisters.

Juliette, GA 2

One of my favorite stops was Juliette, Georgia, one of the filming locations for the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.

Fried Green Tomatoes

From the 1880’s to the 1950’s, Juliette was a mill town, but when the mill closed, the town went into decline.

Juliette, GA 3

When the town was scouted for the movie, many of the building were abandoned and covered with kudzu.

Juliette, GA 4

Today, Juliette is a stop for those who love the movie. The buildings now house shops offering souvenirs, gifts and antiques. There is also The Whistle Stop Cafe.

Juliette, GA 5

The Whistle Stop Cafe building was built in 1927 by Edward L. Williams, Sr. He ran a general merchandise store there for 45 years, closing it in 1972.

Juliette, GA 6

After the movie, The Whistle Stop Cafe was made into a real cafe.

Juliette, GA 7

Probably not hard to guess what we ordered…fried green tomatoes.

Juliette, GA 8

I enjoyed Juliette, Georgia, because although it is a tourist attraction, it isn’t “slick.” The shops are unique and quaint.

Juliette, GA 9

While my sister and I ran around, my mom and aunt were welcome to sit and visit outside the shops.

Juliette, GA 10

There was even a stray dog, Shep, who worked her way around town and was allowed to come in one of the shops.

Juliette, GA 11

A wonderful day, filled with wonderful memories.

Juliette, GA 12

I love movies. If you’d like to read about my favorites, I have the posts gather under the category A Bowl of Popcorn, a Movie and Thou.

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