Kind is Kool Challenge

Welcome to the Kind is Kool information page.

The Kind is Kool challenge is simple. Every Friday, I’ll post a prompt of something you can do that is kind. You may take the challenge and do it…or not.

The challenges so far:

Week 1 – Give someone you don’t know a sincere compliment.

Week 2 – As you see pieces of litter on the ground this week (inside or outside) pick them up and throw them away.

Week 3 – Write someone a thank you note.

Week 4 – Give away 10 things to a charity shop, to friends or to family

Week 5 – This week, be conscious when anyone talks to you and focus your FULL attention on them. No glancing at your phone, computer screen, television, etc.

Week 6 – Buy someone a surprise lunch, coffee, drink or snack.

Week 7 – Find a funny joke and tell it to as many people as you can this week.

Week 8 – Shop at a local business.

Week 9 – When talking on the phone, smile. The smile will show up in your voice.

Week 10 – When you’re at a store, if you notice a loose shopping cart in the parking lot, retrieve it, and drop it off at the shopping cart receptacle or return it to the store.

Week 11 – Go above and beyond with one little thing.

Week 12 – Reflect and act on this…Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be a living expression of God’s kindness. Kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting. Mother Teresa

Week 13 – Open and hold doors for people.

Week 14 – Send a card to someone at their work address.

Week 15 – When you feel impatient with someone, imagine they are someone you love.

Week 16 – Take a treat (baked goods, candy, fruit, etc.) to work or a meeting.

Week 17 – Every day this week, pray for someone or some situation you don’t like.

Week 18 – Take a photo of something…you, your family, a pet, something pretty…print it off and send it to someone in a card or letter.

Week 19 – Give someone a single flower, flower bouquet or flowering plant.

Week 20 – Express gratitude to a veteran or veterans organization.

Week 21 – Think about ways you can volunteer. Take one step of action.

Week 22 – Next time you go out to eat, decide on a generous tip percentage ahead of time and leave it for the server regardless of how you perceive the service.

Week 23 – Try to ask more open-ended questions this week…questions that cannot be answered with one word responses.

Week 24 – Write a thank you note to someone who provides you regular service (hairdresser, postal worker, person who picks up your trash).

Week 25 – Donate to an organization or cause you’ve never donated to before.

Week 26 – Before you act, consider your motives. This is a wonderful exercise in the morning, as you plan your day or in the evening, as you reflect upon your day.

Week 27 – Send a card to a nursing home addressed to “A Resident Who Needs A Card.”

Week 28 – Think of something nice to do for someone and do it.

Week 29 – Remember to say “please” and “thank you.”