December 3

Kittie Nip Nap Matz

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I noticed that Baggy and Nin, over at The Hailey and Zaphod Chronicles, had a cool new sleeping mat from Mollie & Alfie’s Shop…the Kittie Nip Nap Matz. They wrote a post about it and gave it a 4 paws out of 4 rating. With such high praise, I was interested in getting one for Twinkie.

Kittie Nip Nap Matz

It is made out of super cute fabric with colorful cartoon kittens AND it has catnip in it. I placed it on the love seat and Twinkie immediately took up occupancy. She rolled on it, slobbered on it, loved on it and finally laid down.

Twinke & Her Kittie Nip Nap Matz

Days later, the Kittie Nip Nap Matz is still a favorite place to take a nap. Twinkie seconds Baggy and Nin’s rating and gives it a 4 paws out of 4 rating.

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