November 18

Love Story

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This is a sentimental favorite.  I remember seeing it as a teenager several years after it was release in 1970 and thinking how sophisticated and grown-up it all was.  Now when I watch it, some parts seem silly, but it still is a beautiful story of young love, class differences, parental disapproval and tragedy.  It’s an uncomplicated film, but wonderfully moving.  Of course, no matter how much I love Love Story, I still snicker a little when I hear the line, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  WHAT!?  Not in our house it doesn’t!

Art Every Day Month – Day 18


 Bird in the Fog Canvas

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11 Responses to " Love Story"

  • Declan says:

    Ours neither Hehe!! Deccy x

  • Patty says:

    I never got that line either. LOL Love the bird in the fog!

  • houndstooth says:

    Did you see the interview Ryan and Ali did on Oprah this year about the movie? They had a pretty good laugh about that line. I’ve never seen the movie, but have always been curious about it!

    Love the bird in the fog, too!

    • lori says:

      I did! In fact, that’s what reminded me of the movie, and I put it on my list. I think I watched Oprah’s entire 25th Season. She had some great shows.

  • Loved the movie, except for that line! Not only do you HAVE to say it, but you damn well better show me! I’ll do the same.

    In other news…

    OMD!!! Stumpy and I are seriously overwhelmed by all the comments and positive responses to Willie’s rescue.

    I just want everyone to know that Stumpy and I were merely pawns in this rescue. The real thanks goes to Mayzie’s Grampa J who directed Willie’s rescue, The Briard network who ran to the rescue and to the Angel Lady who stepped up to the plate.

    I know each and every one of us do whatever we can to support the animals, the rescues and each other in our quest to make the world a better place. Each little miracle is the direct result of like minded people doing what they can do.

    Happy, Waggin’ Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

  • Carolyn Dube says:

    Your bird has a wonderful ethereal feeling to it! In our house love means loving someone even when they NEED to say I’m sorry…

  • Yeah, that line always makes me chuckle too. Or ‘gag’ rather… 🙂

    Is this bird in the fog a painting or photo? it’s beautiful… i love the one tone color.

    Found you via the AEDM challenge. I’m thrilled to have found so many other creative souls out there.
    Keep posting!

  • Carol says:

    The bird is so creative ~ Love it! ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy TT

  • xinme says:

    Stopping by from AEDM — I LOVE your bird in the fog canvas. I am so drawn to birds and branches these days — not sure why. I also agree about the title of the movie — what foolishness that is to think 😉

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