November 27

Love this – & Blue Buffalo

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I was contacted by and ask if I would like to do a review of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky. So, I asked the kids, “Hey kids, would we like to do a review of chicken jerky treats?”

Freedom:  YES!

Casper:  YES!

Nikki:  YES!

Me:  Don’t you want to know what’s in the treats, where the meat is  from and where it’s manufactured.

Freedom:  No, we don’t care!

Casper:  We want chicken treats!

Nikki:  TREATS!

Me:  Fortunately for you, I checked and Blue Buffalo Chicken Jerky treats are made from US chicken and manufactured in the US.

Freedom:  Who cares!?!

Casper:  Email them back quickly and say, “yes” before they change their minds.

Nikki:  We want treats!

Blue Buffalo believes in not only treating our pets like family, but feeding them like family too. Blue products are as well known for what they DON’T contain as what they DO!

All of their great tasting, natural and holistic dog and cat food recipes start with real meat as the first ingredient. Their food contains plenty of wholesome whole grains, garden veggies and fruit.

Unlike many other products on the market, you can literally see the vitamins in each serving. There’s also no artificial preservative, corn, wheat or soy. Blue treats are no exception.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky is an all natural and grain-free treat. The ingredient list is as simple as chicken, dried cane molasses and salt. This yummy treat has a minimum of 50% crude protein. is happy to offer the full line of Blue Buffalo including dog food, dog treats, cat food and cat treats delivered directly to your doorstep.

The treats arrived (quickly) and here’s the conclusion…

Freedom:  YUM!

Casper:  YUM! YUM!

Nikki:  YUM! YUM! YUM!

and maybe the best review…

Husband:  These look good, can I have one?

Art Every Day Month – Day 27

I’m participating in Art Every Day Month.  Every day during the month of November I’m going to start a painting. Most won’t be finished, but I’ll get something started…a lot or a little.

Daily Inspiration

Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune.

Walt Whitman

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