July 24

Love This – Favorite Notions

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Here are a few of my favorite items from the Sewing Notions aisle of my local fabric store.


Rubber Brush – Our kitty, Twinkie, sleeps at the foot of our bed, so we always have a little hairy spot on an otherwise clean bed.  This rubber brush cleans up the hair and is easily washed with soap and water.

4 Pocket Wash Bag – I’ve mentioned before that laundry bags are one of my favorite things; this is a new variation.  I particularly like to use it if one or more of my “delicates” has something (like a bra closure) that can snag on another piece of clothing.  The separate compartments keep everything nice.

No-Slip Bra Strap Clips – These are clever little things.  Attach one to your bra strap and it won’t slip off your shoulder.

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Marcel Proust 

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