June 5

Love This – Helpful Craft Supplies

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There’s nothing like having the right tool for the job.  Here are three things I love having around when I’m working on projects:

1.  Magnetic Pins & Needles Holders

I hate it when I drop a pin or needle on the floor and can’t find it!  Magnetic holders help keep pins and needles in their place.  If you do drop one, you can wave the magnetic holder over the area and the missing pin or needle  will get picked up by the magnet.

Here’s a view inside the Needle-Safe…particularly nice for travel since it closes up securely.

2.  Adhesive Remover

This is a new favorite.  If you do anything with adhesives…card making, art journaling, scrapbooking…this is an awesome thing to have around.  Use it like an eraser to pick up any out-of-place sticky bits.

3.  Stuffing Tools

You will love having a selection of stuffing tools if you make anything that requires stuffing with fiberfill.  These make it easy to get the fiberfill into small places and packed in nicely.

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