September 18

Love This – The Purvis Burger

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My first thought when I saw this on the menu was, “That doesn’t sound good,” but my daughter said it was good so we split one.  YUM!

The Duane Purvis Burger’s secret (well, not secret) ingredient is peanut butter.  Featured on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives,  the Purvis Burger is served at Triple XXX Family Restaurant, Indiana’s first and oldest drive-in restaurant.  Opened in 1929, Triple XXX was named after a brand of root beer sold in the early 1900’s.  I had my Purvis Burger at Route 66 Diner, which is Triple XXX’s second location.  There are a lot of other tasty offerings on the menu, but I think I’m hooked.

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