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Love This – The Waltons

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I imagine everyone has favorite television series, and I have many; but if I had to pick an all-time favorite, mine is The Waltons.

The Waltons is about a family in rural Virginia during the Great Depression and World War II.  It covers the years 1933 through 1946.  The series pilot aired as a television movie entitled The Homecoming: A Christmas Story in December 1971 and the series ran for 9 seasons from 1972 to 1981.

I’m not exactly sure why this series captures my imagination. My parents grew up during the Great Depression and World War II, so perhaps it struck a chord within me because it reminds me of a time that my folks told me about.  Maybe it’s the actors or the stories or the characters…or a combination of all those elements.   Whatever it is, I get all cozy and warm whenever I hear the theme song, and I love to have the house to myself and watch episode after episode.

Since I love trivia, here are a few fun facts:

John Ritter (of Three’s Company fame) played Reverend Fordwick.  He left after the 1975-1976 season, and his absence was explained by having his character join the Army.
When the show premiered on CBS in 1972, it appeared opposite two popular shows – Flip on NBC (the number one show in America for the two previous seasons) and The Mod Squad on ABC.  The Waltons out-performed both shows in the ratings by a wide margin.
There are only seven episodes of The Waltons that do NOT begin with “The.”
Ralph Waite and Michael Learned took over the roles of John and Olivia Walton from Andrew Duggan and Patricia Neal, who played John and Olivia in the pilot movie The Homecoming: A Christmas Story.
Earl Hamner, Jr., the creator of the series, grew up in Schuyler, Virginia and used that town as the basis for the fictional “Walton’s Mountain.”  Schuyler even has a Walton’s Mountain Museum.  I think I need to add this to my Bucket List. 

Proof positive this is my favorite television series…My daughter’s name is Olivia, and that isn’t a coincidence.

Do you have a favorite series?  I’d love to hear what it is and what made it your favorite.

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9 Responses to " Love This – The Waltons"

  • Sue says:

    I loved The Waltons as a child. Wish they’d repeat them on TV.

  • Sue Taylor says:

    ahhhh The Waltons, brings back lovely memories! Always wished we had a family like them LOL. Love your creations.

  • Declan says:

    We love All Creatures Great & Small,(Mum is a frustrated Vet!) Brideshead Revisited (it was filmed at Castle Howard, not far from where we live) and Tales of the City (Mum loves SF, but the eight novels in the series are better! ) Deccy x

  • houndstooth says:

    I think as far as feel good nostalgia shows go, I’d probably pick Little House on the Prairie. I saw myself in Laura a lot, and one of her sisters had my name. When I was in first grade, my parents decreed that I now had an 8:00 bedtime and I thought my life was over because it didn’t come on until 8:00. My parents relented on that night! lol

  • Bassetmomma says:

    OMG! I loved the Waltons! It just seemed like simpler times. Which is probably why I like Little House on The Prairie, and Road to Avonlea. One of our all time favorite series was Magnum P.I. with Tom Selleck. We used to call Thursday nights (the night it was on) chip, dip and pop night! BOL!

  • Patty says:

    I love The Waltons! Most of the cast were on The Today Show earlier this year and it was so nice to see them again. I watched a few of their Christmas shows this past year and it was such a comfort to go back in time with them. It’s almost like eating comfort foods.

    I was a big fan of Little House On The Prairie. Seinfeld is still one of my favorite shows, but it’s not the same as Waltons and Little House.

  • I do remember The Waltons, and I know I watched a few, but here in England it didn’t grip the imagination as it must have done in the US. It was not our culture, you see, and lacked the drama and excitement of the Western or the gumshoe series, where everything was so very different to the way it was here. They were escapism with thrills. The Waltons was enjoyable, but perhaps wasn’t different enough .. or maybe just too domestic? I don’t know … and maybe I’m not remembering it very well, either!

    My own favourite series, the ones which give me that warm feeling on hearing the soundtrack, are, oddly enough, the various Star Trek incarnations, particularly The Next Generation and Voyager.

  • My mom’s favorites are NCIS (she’s always been fascinated by forensics) and very sadly trashy reality shows like Teen Mom, Four Weddings and Toddlers and Tiaras. In her defense, it’s like a train wreak; you can’t stop staring.
    Dachshund Nola

  • Rocco says:

    Wonder if this is on youtube? I’ll have to look.

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