December 18

Love This – Winnie

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I’ve said it before and, sadly, I know I’ll say it many more times…along with the joy of making friends with the pups & kitties of Blogville comes the broken-heartedness when they leave us. Today is one of those days, as our sweet friend, Winnie, has gone to the Bridge.

Sweet Face Of Winnie

Winnie and her mom, the LOTH (Lady of the House) co-authored Winnie’s Dog Blog.

I could speak volumes about Winnie’s gentle spirit, her sense of humor, her love for her family, but I for one will always remember Winnie as the best hole digger in the entire world. Period.

Digging Winnie

Joanne Cooper Photography

You just have to appreciate a master at work, and when she was done…Winnie would often do a victory lap.

Winnie Victory Lap

I know Winnie is romping, running and excavating heaven. Run free and dig deep, my friend.

Winnie Quilt Square

If you would like to offer words of condolence to Winnie’s family, please visit Winnie’s blog.

Daily Inspiration

Winnie In The Garden

Winnie Pritchard

Left us too soon – December 18, 2012

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.

Thom Jones

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