February 16

Magical Ice Fest

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Every week, I’m going to take you on an Artist Date with me. The Artist Date comes from the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Generally, Artist Dates are time alone, but last week I went to the Magical Ice Fest in St. Joseph, Michigan, with my friend Amy. It was a great time full of interesting images and inspirations, so I’m claiming it as an Artist Date.

Magical Ice Fest Banner

It was a great day. The sun was shining and the day was cold, but not unbearably so.

Lunch Menu

We started out with lunch at Tosi’s, a cute little coffee shop.

Lunch Photo

I’m including a photo of my lunch, a trend that I find kind of funny. It was a great lunch. I had the chicken salad.

Ice Eagle

We walked around and admired the ice sculptures.

Eagle Nest

I found ice very difficult to photograph.

G&M Variety

One of my favorite things was stopping by G & M Variety Store.

Ride Sandy 10 Cents

What a blast from the past! Does anyone remember Sandy? You can ride her for a dime.

Oil Cloth

How about oil cloth by the yard?

Ice Squid

Back outside, there was plenty to look at.

Ice Carving Tools

You definitely got the idea that ice carving isn’t for sissies. Amazing.

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