October 10

Make Art a Part…Final Thoughts

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Last week, I completed the 8-week e-course, Make Art a Part (of Your Life).  This was a fun departure from the book studies I did previously for my weekly exploration of creativity. 

I love e-courses for a few reasons:  (1) They allow you to meet teachers that you’d never meet if it weren’t for the internet; (2) They allow you to support a fellow artist’s “dream.”  I think of all the hard work, thought and love that goes into creating an e-course program and it makes me happy to share that on the “learning” end; (3)  They are convenient.  Most are self-paced and you can do them as fast or slow as your life dictates; (4)  Variety.  If you’re interested in it, chances are there’s an e-course for it; (5)  Community.  Many e-courses allow you to share and communicate with others through Flickr, Facebook or some other group meeting place.  E-course creators are available to answer questions and give you feedback too. 

Some drawbacks of e-courses are: (1) You often don’t know what you’re getting until you purchase it.  Most course creators give you a thorough description of the e-course, but you can’t flip through it like a book; (2)  You have to be disciplined and make time to do the course.  Honestly, this is a drawback that in the past has kept me away from e-courses since I’m a master procrastinator.  This problem was solved for me because of my blog…I post my progress each week; (3)  They can lack “community.”  E-courses are more solitary than taking a class locally.  You’ll make connections, but they’re more the “virtual” variety.

Kaitlyn, the creator of Make Art a Part (of Your Life), loves art and she loves SHARING art.  This e-course beautifully showcases her love and talents for teaching and bringing people together.  She covers a variety of topics including art history and appreciation, where to find inspiration and how to bring art into your life.  She really made me think about how important and enriching art is to our lives.  For myself, it made me realize on a very deep level, what a treasure and blessing art is and how I need to make time and space for it.

Another facet of Make Art a Part (of Your Life) are the “creative” projects.  Each week, Kaitlyn gathered together three artists who presented three different projects in a particular medium.  This was fun!  I tried my hand at some new things, and I learned and stretched myself every week.  All the pictures in this post are of projects I completed during this e-course.

My verdict on Make Art a Part (of Your Life) – It was wonderful, A+.  Thank you, Kaitlyn, for all the work and love you put into this e-course along with all the contributors you gathered together to share their gifts and insights.

My next creative “study” is, Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art by Rice Freeman-Zachery.  This is my final book for 2011.  I also “owe” everyone one more creative project from Make Art a Part (of Your Life)…my painting project.  As soon as it’s finished, I’ll post it.

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