April 26

Memorabilia – What Do You Do With It?

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This month, I started tackling my memorabilia.  As I get things sorted, the question becomes, “Now, what do I do with all this stuff.”  One of my goals is to “live” with my memorabilia…to enjoy and share my memories by having them displayed throughout my home and readily available.  Memorabilia can be particularly challenging because it comes in so many forms.  Here are a few things I’ve started doing with my memorabilia:

Using it in my home decor.  Getting it out of the box, drawer or closet and putting it where I can see it every day.


Storing it properly so it’s preserved and easily accessible.  One of the categories of memorabilia I have is clothing and textiles; but they need to be properly stored.  I’ve started by getting a few acid-free art boxes.  They’re large enough to store things, but small enough to fit nicely in the closet so they’re easy to get to.

Last week, Kari from Hound Girl shared what she does with cards:

One thing I do with all the cards I get is I tear them apart punch a hole up in the top left corner of the cards and I put them on one of those key rings that opens and closes and then I can go back and look at them any time – I have rings for xmas cards, wedding cards etc – its a fun way to keep them oraganzied and an easy way to look back at them.

I’m super interested to hear your great ideas…things you’ve done with your memorabilia or things you dream of doing with your memorabilia.  Please share your ideas in the “Comments.”  I’ll be revisiting this subject later in the year, as I get further along with this project.

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