April 12

Memorabilia – What’s The Point

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Like organizing my photos, I never pictured that I would accomplish the goal of having my memorabilia organized in a meaningful way; but now, I actually think I can do this.  Not in one month!  No miracles on this blog.  I believe a key to doing it is to decide what I want from my memorabilia.

Like my photos, I want the bits and pieces of memorabilia that I’ve kept, to be a joy in my life, not a weighty impossible task or a confusing hidden hoard.  Here’s how I’ll accomplish this:

1.  I want more of my memorabilia worked into my decor.

2.  I want my memorabilia to be accessible.  Right now, if I wanted to show someone my Simon & Garfunkel Central Park Tour concert ticket…couldn’t do it.  It’s somewhere, but I don’t know where the “where” is.  I want to know.

3.  Like my Heirloom Album, I want to write down “what” some of my things are and “why” I’ve held on to them.

4.  I want to properly preserve and store my memorabilia.

5.  I want to share with my family anything that is significant or interesting with regards to family history.

6.  I want a reasonably-sized “junk” box for things that have no meaning to me, but I can’t let go of.  For instance, autograph books.  I have several autograph books that I don’t want, but it seems almost impossible for me to toss them.  I want a container for items like this; then I’ll tuck the container away until I’m strong enough to pitch it or until I’m dead.  Then, whoever gets stuck with “clean-up” can toss it.

Last week, I mentioned a post about organizing memorabilia on Organize for a Fresh Start by Sue West.  Sue suggests establishing a reason, a theme, or a value – something you stand for, that can help the process of organizing your memorabilia.  My theme is MEANING.  I want to record or convey “why” something has meaning to me.  If I do that, whoever is left with my things will be able to more easily decide if those things have meaning for them.

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