May 9

Mess…Week 1

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Alter this image by using a variety of techniques (e.g., scrubbing, tearing, sanding, etc.)

(I painted over the letters with glitter paint, sprayed it with fabric paint and “framed” it with metallic spray paint.)

This month, I’m working my way through Mess by Keri Smith.  The method behind Mess is:

1.  To throw you into a place where you have little or no control over the outcome.

2.  To work with a variety of materials in an exploratory fashion.

Going into this, I thought my biggest take-away would be to loosen myself up.  That does happen.  This book throws you into exercises that are uncomfortable if you like to control outcomes; BUT what I found myself thinking about most this week was how little time I allow myself to play.  Working through the exercises was just plain fun, and I realized that I never take the time to play for no purpose other than play.  That’s my take-away this week…I want to play, and I think it will change who I am.

Here are a couple of my favorites from this week…

1.  Soak this page with water.

2.  Try to write on it

Alternate:  Drop ink onto wet page.

(I sprinkled the page with nonpareils, then wiped them off.)

1.  Select a series of ten colors in any medium.

2.  Fill in each square in this grid in some kind of regular sequence.

3.  Insert a mistake somewhere.

(I used strips from a magazine. Can you find my mistake?)

1.  Take a couple of crayons.

2.  Scrape the crayons with a knife to create shavings.  Place shavings in middle of the left-hand page.

3.  Fold the page in half.

4.  Using an iron on a low setting, go over the folded page with a few quick passes until the wax melts.

5.  Open page to reveal design.

(I followed the instructions on this one.  Pretty, isn’t it?)

Create a tangle using some kind of string-like material.  Affix it here.

(Little bear thought it would make an awesome wig, so she snagged it before I could glue it in my book.)


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3 Responses to " Mess…Week 1"

  • Ain’t no use in doin’ anything if you don’t enjoy learning new tricks and experimentin’…dats fur hoomans, NOT dogs cuz da Puddles don’t do tricks. Course, I knows you has to takes time into consideration too.
    Back when my mum was crafty and artsy fartsy…her loved glitter, especially german glass glitter. Yea, like whatevers! Oh I am german…bwhahahahaha!
    I am really likin’ da one withs da non-pareils.


    • lori says:

      Puddles…you puppies have it all together when it comes to balanced, happy living. You guys know how to play and have a good time. Glitter! I’ve been messing with the glitter paints but haven’t gotten into the loose glitter yet, but that’s coming. They have so many kinds now, in every color imaginable. I don’t think my husband’s going to be thrilled when I start that though. I hear it gets everywhere, so he’ll probably get grief from his guy friends when he starts showing up places all “sparkly.”

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Okay, I have got to track down this book! If I have a spare minute to get to the bookstore this weekend, I will get it!

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