June 11

Mini-Me Theatre – New Kid On The Block

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In our last episode of Mini-Me Theatre, we found out there was a new member in our mini-me family…Mini-me Twinkie, the kitty. The story continues…

MMT New Kid 1

Now the mini-me houndies, being amiable sorts, wanted to get to know Mini-me Twinkie. So, they decided to tell Mini-me Twinkie about themselves and ask her about herself.

MMT New Kid 2

“Hello, Mini-me Twinkie. Welcome. Perhaps we should get to know each other. We are mini-me dogs, and we are happy, obedient and playful. We try our best to do what we’re told. How about you?”

MMT New Kid 3

“I am a mini-me cat, and I am smug, disobedient and unrepentant. I don’t do as I’m told; I do as I please.”

MMT New Kid 4

The mini-me houndies were confused, but pressed on.

MMT New Kid 5

“This is our family. We love them so much. They are perfect.”

MMT New Kid 6

“I know these people,” said Mini-me Twinkie, “and sometimes they’re okay. Because they feed me, I only occasionally pee on their stuff.”

MMT New Kid 7

Even more confused, the mini-me houndies decided on a more philosophical approach in order to get to know the inner Twinkie.

“In a past life, we and mommy and daddy were all best friends. We were always together and we shared everything.”

MMT New Kid 8

“In a past life, I was a panther, and I ate every single one of you.”

MMT New Kid 9

“You for breakfast.”

MMT New Kid 10

“You for lunch.”

MMT New Kid 11

“You for dinner.”

MMT New Kid 12

“What about daddy and mommy!?!

MMT New Kid 13


MMT New Kid 14

The mini-me houndies knew immediately that Mini-Me Twinkie needed to be signed up for charm school.

To be continued…

The mini-me’s are custom handmade by Lynne of  Dip-Dip and the Bridge. She also has an Etsy shop called Handmade Gifts By L with even more of her lovely crocheted creations. Want a mini-me of your own? Contact Lynne at chi-chigirls86@hotmail.com and she’ll give you the details.

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