March 5


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There’s a new trend sweeping Blogville…the Mini-Me!

The Mini Me's Have Arrived

Freedom, Casper & Nikki Mini-Me’s

Where do Mini-Me’s come from? They are the handiwork of Lynne who writes the blog Dip-Dip and the Bridge. Lynne is Dinah, Bridget and Elliot’s mom. She also has an Etsy shop called Handmade Gifts By L with even more of her lovely crocheted creations. Let’s look at our Mini-Me’s.

Freedom With Mini Me


Casper With Mini Me


Nikki With Mini Me


Each Mini-Me is a custom made to look exactly like Big-Me. Let us show you.

Freedom's Crooked Ear

Freedom’s crooked ear

Freedom's Brindle Fur

Freedom’s beautiful brindle fur

Casper's Spotted Ear & Brindle Spots

Casper’s spotted ears and brindle patches

Nikki's White Chest

Nikki’s white chest

They even behave like the Big-Me’s.

Mini Freedom & Casper

Mini-Me Freedom showing Mini-Me Casper that she’s in charge.

We love our Mini-Me’s! Thank you, Miss Lynne!

Anyone can have their very own Mini-Me. Just contact Lynne at

Note from mom…

Isn’t a blog post a wonderful thing? You just choose the pictures where everything looks nice and well-behaved and you have a lovely little blog life. But here’s what was really going on.

Nikki Eating Mini Me

NEW TOY! Where’s the squeaker?

Casper Eating Mini Me

NEW TOY! Let’s toss it around and do zoomies with it.

Freedom With Mini Me

It’s not a hedgehog. I could care less.

Note: No Mini-Me was harmed in the writing of this post.

Additional Note: I am honored that Roxy the traveling the dog is featuring my work on Artsy Fartsy Tuesday. Thanks, Roxy!

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