February 23

Mishawaka Antiques

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Madonna In Birdcage

Every Saturday, I share my weekly Artist Date. I think over the course of 2013, I’ll find myself taking many Artist Dates in antique stores.

Mishawaka Antiques

This is one of my favorite antique stores, Mishawaka Antiques.

Handpainted Drinking Glasses

I love antiques, and I imagine my Aunt Alma is responsible for a lot of that love.

 Old Marbles

Why do I find antiques so fascinating? I imagine it’s because…

Silver Set

…antiques are special to their era and capture a unique moment in time and history.

Courting Scene

Their uniqueness makes them an art form…

Chair Seat

…and often help us demonstrate our style and perspective in how we use them and incorporate them in our lives.

Architectural Pieces

Antiques speak simultaneously of permanence and change.

Beautiful Bust

They hold a sense of mystery.

Old Junior Classics

Each one holds stories and journeys untold, and when we bring them into our story…magic.

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