September 14

More Greyhound Fun Facts

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1.  Greyhounds have stereoscopic vision.  This means that they are best suited to seeing moving objects.  They often don’t notice stationary objects.

2.  During a Greyhound’s complete stride, they are off the ground twice.  This type of stride in called a double suspension gallop.

3.  During the Middle Ages, Greyhounds nearly became extinct due to famine and disease.  The breed was saved by priests and clergymen who took special care to protect the Greyhounds and later bred them for the nobility.

4.  The mechanical lure was invented by Owen Patrick Smith in 1912.  The first Greyhound racing track opened in 1919 in Emeryville, California.

5.  The constellation Canes Venatici contains two Greyhounds…Asterion and Chara.  This minor constellation was created by Johannes Hevelius in the 17th century.

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4 Responses to " More Greyhound Fun Facts"

  • houndstooth says:

    Oh wow! Where did you find that picture? I’ve never seen that one before!

    Not being able to see stationary objects is often one of the things that really frustrating when I try to take pictures! lol You have to keep waving the dog bone around!

    I’m glad you liked the picture today. I did that one for our Daily Shoot assignment, and it was about how you relax on Sunday, so the title just wouldn’t leave my head!

    • lori says:

      I just searched Google Images for “Canes Venatici Constellation.” There was another cool one too. I liked this one because it was color and the other was black & white. I love looking for “Greyhound” things. I’m a Greyhound nerd.

  • Tooki says:

    Oooh, how about some schnauzer fun facts??

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