September 1

More Things To Frame

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Wednesday’s “Try This” post featured the idea of framing pretty things you find at thrift stores.  I put some old doilies in a frame.


Imagine how delighted I was when the last page in the latest edition of HGTV Magazine posed this question to favorite HGTV personalities, “What’s something you pop in a frame besides a photo?”  Here are their answers:

1.  Vintage pins on a velvet background.

2.  The paper from the first time a child writes their name.  

3.  Initials.  For instance…thin metal letter stencils or vintage military-style letter stencils.

4.  Paint chips.

5.  Menus.

6.  Butterfly shapes cut from maps, then hot-glued in the center so the wings stick up.

Some great ideas for displaying special items that tend to hide away in a box or cupboard.

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