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New Stuff For 2013

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2013 Calendar Page

Happy New Year!

When I started writing What Remains Now in 2011, I set-up a weekly posting schedule to help me focus on what to write about. That’s worked well for me, and I plan to continue posting on a schedule in 2013…but, I like to change things up. Here’s my new schedule for 2013:

Creating the Creator (Sunday)

I love to learn about and grow in my creative process.  From the very beginning, I’ve worked my way through books and e-courses to learn more and just for the fun of it.  I still want to learn more, and I’d love for you to join me.

In My Studio & Inspiration (Monday)

I’ll continue my weekly check-in with what’s going on in my studio.  Since I will be focusing MUCH more on painting, I want to challenge myself to walk through the process of finding inspiration and translating it into one of my paintings. Every Monday, in addition to talking about what’s happening in my studio, I’ll post something I’m using as an “inspiration.” On Thursdays, I’ll talk about how I’m translating that “inspiration” into a painting.

Greyt Hounds (Tuesday)

I know you all love reading about Freedom, Casper & Nikki. They were sorely neglected on my blog in 2012, so I plan to rectify that situation in 2013. At least once a week…hounds rule!

Want To Talk About (Wednesday)

I enjoy having a day to talk about whatever I like, so I will keep this spot open for…whatever.

Inspiration Results (Thursday)

This is the day I’ll showcase the “results” of translating the “inspiration” I post on Mondays.

Poetry & Kindness Challenge (Friday)

I really enjoyed adding a “Daily Inspiration” quote to every post in 2012 along with one of my photographs.  For years, I’ve been saying that I would like to read more poetry.  This year, I am.  How do I know?…because I’m going to share one poem every week.  I’ll also include a photo or two. I also love blog challenges and this year I’m creating one of my own.  Each week, I’ll post a prompt of something you can do to make the world a kinder place.  Take the kindness challenge!

Artist Date (Saturday)

At the very start of my creative journey in 2011, I read the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  Two of the creative pillars in the book are Morning Pages and Artist Dates.  I’ve always been sloppy about making time for my Artist Dates.  This year, I’m going to to tell you about them.  I’m doing this for two reasons…to make myself accountable and because I enjoy reading about places my blogging friend go, so I hope you will enjoy my adventures.

I’ll start my new posting schedule on Sunday, January 6. I’m going to use the next couple days to flesh-out my hopes, dreams and goals for 2013.  Thank you, for following along. Here’s to a fun and creative new year!

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14 Responses to " New Stuff For 2013"

  • Amy Cross says:

    I waited for this ALL day! Seriously checked 100 times. Hooray.

  • houndstooth says:

    I am SO freaking excited! I love the sounds of all your new plans, and Bunny is thrilled that there will be a day for the hounds. I can’t wait to see what beautiful new things you create, and I love the idea of a kindness challenge! Why didn’t I think of that? lol

  • Penelope says:

    Whoop! Whoop! Woop! Can’t wait for 2013! I will be here!
    Nellie’s Mom

  • A day for the greys YAY! And I like the sound of the whatever pops into my head Wednesday. A kindness challenge….interesting 🙂

  • I LOVE the idea of the kindness challenge! I’ve been thinking of creating a meme/challenge of my own too, because while there are tons out there, a lot are the same .. photography or writing, mostly. And with the best will in the world, I get bored going round thirty or forty blogs all dealing with the same subject in the same way. I prefer to read something original! I shall look forward to this one.

    I don’t quite understand the Artist Dates… are you supposed to do something artistic, like choose to paint something or make something in a new way? Or just go off and try hang-gliding or paint your ceilings purple?

    • lori says:

      According to Julia Cameron, who wrote The Artist’s Way, and Artist Date is “assigned play.” Here’s what she says…

      “The Artist Date is a once-weekly, festive, solo expedition to explore something that interests you. The Artist Date need not be overtly “artistic” — think mischief more than mastery. Artist Dates fire up the imagination. They spark whimsy. They encourage play. Since art is about the play of ideas, they feed our creative work by replenishing our inner well of images and inspiration. When choosing an Artist Date, it is good to ask yourself, “what sounds fun?” — and then allow yourself to try it.”

  • Sue says:

    I am so looking forward to your blog posts. Really pleased the hounds will have their own day to post. Also as you know, I love the idea of spreading kindness:)

  • Hehehehe, you so funny withs your schedulin’. I just post and write what evers…half of da time my posts don’t even make no sense. I does think it would be easier if I had a plan like you but it would nevers last…hehehe.


  • haopee says:

    LOL. Neglected Tuesday. We do hope to see more of Greys… because they looked lovely on your photo card.

    We just dropped by to greet you guys a happy 2013.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  • sue taylor says:

    So pleased you’re carrying on with regular updates and especially pleased to read the hounds will now have their own dedicated spot LOL.

    Really looking forward to watching your paintings evolve Lori.

    I think I may have to borrow your idea and have regular spots on my blog, such a good idea.

    Wishing you and your gorgeous greys a very Happy New Year.

    Love Sue and the Taylor hounds

  • Looks like a good plan. Happy New Year! Thank you for all the nice comments you leave on my blog.

  • Sounds like you have lots of great plans for the new year – can’t wait 🙂
    Lynne x

  • Patty says:

    You are so organized. I rarely know what my blog will be about until I write it. LOL

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