March 10

Old Spool = Photo Holder

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I have a bunch of old spools and was trying to think how I could use them.  This is one of my ideas.


Old Spool

Wire (I used 14 gauge wire)

Wire Cutters

Air Drying Modeling Clay

Ribbon (optional)

Glue/Fabric Glue

1.  Wrap and glue the ribbon around the spool.  I combined two types of ribbon.

2.  Form the wire into a spiral to hold the picture.  Add curves or bends to the wire to create the look you want.

3.  Fill the spool hole with air drying modeling clay.  Insert the wire.  Allow to dry.

Note:  The amount of clay I took out of the bag for this picture was about 10 times more air drying modeling clay than I needed.

4.  Add a bow to the wire.  You’ve just made a quick, easy photo holder that exactly fits your decor or makes a fun gift.

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