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Orijen Free Range Bison Dog Treats

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Orijen Free Range Bison Dog Treats

Freedom, Casper and Nikki were very excited to be asked by Chewy.com to review Orijen Free Range Bison Dog Treats. So, pups, what did you all think about them?

June 13 Freedom Review

Freedom: These treats are made in Canada and are 100% pure bison treats… no additives, no preservatives and no hormones. They are only 7 tiny calories, so I can eat them and maintain my lovely figure. I give them an A+.

June 13 Casper Review

Casper: I like that they are grain-free and are a single-ingredient treat that is great for dogs with food-related allergies. When I eat them, I pretend like I took the bison down myself. It makes the treats taste even yummier. A+ from me too.

June 13 Nikki Review

Nikki: I like how they are good for all stages of an adult dog’s life and are good for all breeds. Oh, and the resealable bag that keeps the treats fresh is super nice too. My first choice of a treat would be that sneaky rabbit that keeps coming in our backyard, but my second choice of a treat is definitely the Orijen Free Range Bison Dog Treats. I give them an A+ too.

It’s unanimous…Orijen Free Range Bison Dog Treats get the Freedom, Casper and Nikki stamp of approval.

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Thank you, Chewy.com for asking us to do this review. Freedom, Casper and Nikki received a free bag of Orijen Free Range Bison Dog Treats for doing this review, but the opinions expressed are strictly Freedom, Casper and Nikki’s.

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