May 7

Pain & Gain

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Pain & Gain Movie Poster

Last Tuesday, my friend and I went to see Pain & Gain. So why am I mentioning this on Tuesday when I normally talk about Greyhounds? Because a Blogville friend had a starring role…Seven of Never Say Never Greyhounds.

Pain & Gain Tasty Reuben

Seven starred as Tasty Reuben. Jennifer’s posts about making the movie are fascinating and fun. You can check them out here.

Pain & Gain Tasty Reuben 2

Pain & Gain is an intense, unusual movie that may not suit those who are sensitive to language and violence. I found it very interesting and disturbing, as most black comedies are. If you love film and popular culture, it will give you plenty to talk about.

Seven…I’m so proud of you. Well done. You are a superstar!

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