January 20

Painting Supplies

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Oh, boy!  How to Paint a Girl starts today.  I received the supply list and here are a few things I’ve never used and am excited to try:

Heavy Body Acrylics

I’ve painted with acrylics before, but never with these thicker acrylics.

PITT Artist Pens

Juliette recommends these because she finds they don’t bleed.

India Ink

I’ve had a little experience with India Ink, when I did calligraphy and when I took my first watercolor class.  I wonder how we’ll use it in this class?

There are several other items on the supply list that I’m not familiar with, but I’ll wait to find out a little more about what to buy before I pick them up.  This will be fun.

I’m participating in The World We Found Readalong sponsored by S. Krishna’s Books.  Check out the “Comments” for the Readalong participants’ thoughts.  Here’s the Readalong schedule:

Tuesday, January 10: Characters and Marriages in Chapters 1-9 (pp. 1-91)

Thursday, January 12: Friendships and Relationships in Chapters 1-9 (pp. 1-91)

Tuesday, January 17: Religion in Chapters 1-18 (pp. 1-192)

Thursday, January 19: Repression and Control in Chapters 1-18 (pp. 1-192)

Tuesday, January 24: Money and Power in The World We Found

Thursday, January 26: Other Topics and Discussion Wrap-Up for The World We Found

Here is a link to Swapna’s review of The World We Found by Thrity Umrigar.

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