April 14

Paper = Cupcake Wrapper

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Dinner Tonight – Wrapped


Pretty paper

Cardboard (to make a pattern)

Paper bake cup



Tape or Glue

1.  Cut the bottom off the paper bake cup to make your pattern.

2.  Trace the outline of the paper bake cup to make a cardboard pattern and give yourself something firm to trace around.  Cut out your pattern piece.

3.  On the back of the pretty paper, trace around your pattern piece.  Cut out your cupcake wrapper.

4.  Tape or glue the edges together.

5.  With these cupcake wrappers, you’ll always have the exact size, color and design that you need and look like a super chic baker.



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4 Responses to " Paper = Cupcake Wrapper"

  • houndstooth4 says:

    That is so cute! A friend of ours actually paid a lot of money to download templates for some cupcake wrappers and then they turned out not to fit. This would have been so much easier!

    • lori says:

      I actually didn’t think about that until I did this project, but that’s absolutely true. I noticed that the pre-made cupcakes at the grocery store were in deeper baking cup papers than the kind I was using. And the giant muffins are a whole other story.

  • Oh my mum use to plays with paper…but I is not allowed under any circumstances to play with scissors…no, I don’t know why dat is;)
    Anyways, dat is a brilliant idea. And likes Houndstooth said…you can buy them things or get templates and it’ll cost you a keg of beer almost.


    • lori says:

      My husband appreciated this project because I don’t really like to cook much. I do just enough to keep everything alive around here and then it’s “fend for yourself.” I had to make a batch of cupcakes so I could have a “model.” Now my husband wants me to do more food crafts…I don’t think that’s going to happen. I can be a little feisty like you, Puddles.

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