September 20

Photo Albums – Week 3

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Last week, in an attempt to  focus myself so I could organize and deal with my photos, I wrote down what I want to accomplish.  Here’s my list:

1.  All of my photos upstairs.  No photos in boxes in the basement.

2.  My photos organized in categories in photo boxes.

3.  Identify photos I’d like to frame/display.  Put them in a separate box.

4.  Stop thinking about photo albums.  Just get the photos in photo boxes.

A pretty good list to get me started, but I couldn’t quit thinking about #4.  If I don’t do “something” with my photos, all I’ve essentially accomplished is moving my photos from plastic boxes in the basement to prettier boxes upstairs.  Maybe a little more organized, but basically the same.


While moving things around, I found this book, Scrapbooking Your Family History. It says that it’s “a guided plan for organizing and telling your family stories.”  It hit me that that’s what’s missing in my plan.  I long to record the stories behind the photos, not just preserve the photos.  I thought about all the photos I see in antique stores…they are photos that have lost their stories.  So, I’m going to start gathering my stories and then put photos with them.


The book suggests getting started by selecting a topic.  I’m going to start with “School Memories.”  I picked this because the pictures are easy to identify and the timeline is very clear (Kindergarten-12th Grade).


If you’d like to join along, gather up your school photos and we’ll tackle this step-by-step.

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William Butler Yeats 

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7 Responses to " Photo Albums – Week 3"

  • Sue says:

    That book looks very useful.

  • Nows dis is gonna be a task but I knows you can handle it. I think just focusin’ on gettin’ in boxes is a good start…then you can focus on da albums.
    Dat book sounds awesome…stories always add to da fotos and it’ll be cherished by da kiddos one day.


  • Patty says:

    The whole thought of going through photos really stresses me. I am serious. It is too overwhelming.

  • I do not have the attention spam for that, LOL
    Nola’s Mom

  • Pip says:

    I have always wanted to create a family photobook, combining older family photos with new ones. Hopefully, I will make the time to do it one day. As I have mentioned, our photos are absolute disaster!!

  • That’s a nice idea. I have about 3 old albums that I would find very hard to dismantle even if they take up space because they’re story albums. 2 on early backpacking trips and one on my family from childhood days. I included all kinds of momentos in the albums as well, like little pamphlets, air tickets, matchboxes and pins. My ex brother-in-law who’s a fine artist drew cartoons for me in one! Very fun to look at. You’re going to have a blast assembling yours 🙂 x

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