August 7

Photos, Memorabilia & Collections

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This is NOT a new project I’m starting…whew!  I have been thinking a lot about it though.  I’ve been pleased with my progress on simplifying and decluttering my life and home this year, but this is the elephant in the room that I haven’t been dealing with.

This may be part of a regular feature on What Remains Now in 2012.  I am curious, what do YOU do with all your photos, memorabilia and collections?  OR, maybe I should say, if you had everything done the way you wanted, what does that look like?  Let me hear from you.  What are your best ideas?  You don’t have to have done them, I’m just interested in gathering your thoughts.

Also, today (August 7, 2011) is the last day to “enter” to win an autographed copy of Patti Digh’s book, Four Word Self Help: Simple Wisdom For Complex Lives.  All you have to do is comment on this or any other post by midnight (EST).  I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.



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6 Responses to " Photos, Memorabilia & Collections"

  • Amy says:

    Simply keep them. I have a box or two with the strangest collection of things that have no value to anyone but me, and yet I can’t part with them. If Tyler were to try to make heads or tails of the stuff he probably would just shake his head. I think these are things the brain is attached to and they don’t need to be ordered or rationalized or parted with. They provide some reference point or delight that we need. Some appeal to my inner sense or play and some connect me to an earlier me. You have made progress, but don’t go for perfection. That would just be boring 🙂

  • houndstooth says:

    Well, I have some photos saved in scrapbooks, but I haven’t done any scrapbooking in quite a while with the newer photos. I’ve really thought about getting some shadow boxes to save some things in, too!

  • jenny says:

    i have photo’s in photo boxes by catagory-kids, grandkids, family, vacations. sorted inside each box by person. larger flat items are in 12×12 boxes by person. am trying to stay on top of the sorting process. 3d items are in clear plastic shoe boxes so i can see whats in them. i save too much!

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