September 15

Plastic Bag = Gift Topper

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blah to TADA! – Floral Accent



Plastic shopping bag



Piece of cardboard

Button (not pictured)

1.  Cut a circle from the cardboard for the base.  Mine is about 2″ diameter.

2.  Cut a variety of large and small petals.  I cut 9 large and 9 small.

3.  Apply glue to the cardboard base.  Scrunch the bottom of the petal and apply to the base.

4.  Continue applying the petals around the cardboard base.,

5.  Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for the inner part of the flower.

6.  Glue something pretty in the middle of the flower.  I used a black button.  Apply doublestick tape to the base and add to your package.  You never have to go without a pretty package decoration again.

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