April 21

Plastic Egg = Place Card

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When I was making the yarn egg, this idea popped into my head.


Plastic Easter Egg

Fine Grit Sandpaper


Chalkboard Paint (I used Krylon)


1.  Lightly sand the plastic egg surface.

2.  Glue the two halves together.

3.  Spray the egg according to the manufacturer’s directions.  With the Krylon Chalkboard spray paint, at least two coats must be applied to create a chalkboard finish.  Allow 24 hours to dry.

4.  Break-in the chalkboard surface by rubbing the full area with the side of the chalk.  Then, erase entire surface.

5.  Write your guest’s name on the egg and you have a unique place card for your Easter table.

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4 Responses to " Plastic Egg = Place Card"

  • Okay now dis is a cool idea…very creative but can somebuddy PUUUUUUULEASE tell me what da heck eggs haves to do withs Easter?
    How come dat egg don’t say PUDDLES…hehehehe, guess I ain’t invited to dinner huh?


    • lori says:

      Thank you, Puddles. Why are there eggs at Easter? That sounds like a good blog post. Probably should address the Easter Bunny thing too. That’s the one that really confuses me.

      I actually thought of putting your name on the egg! But then I would need an egg for my other sweet friends…Bunny, Blueberry, Lilac, Morgan and Mayzie.

      You and the whole family are always welcome as my guests! Just don’t bring the stoopid neighbors! Now THAT would be a blog post!

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Oh, I love that idea! If I was having Easter here at my house, we’d try that. Actually, I’m relieved as heck that we’re not! Bunny is off to sulk about not having her name on an egg now! lol

    • lori says:

      That’s why there was only one egg and I had to disappoint all the puppies. I’m not hosting either…hurray!

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