September 7

Quilt Gardens Along The Heritage Trail

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Since I participated in a photo challenge called The August Break 2013 during the month of August, I have a few past Artist Dates to tell you about.

Quilt Gardens Tour 1

My girlfriend and I took our moms on a driving tour of the Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail.

Quilt Gardens Tour 2

The Quilt Gardens are 19 quilt-inspired gardens.

Quilt Gardens Tour 3

The Heritage Trail begins in Elkhart, Indiana, where we picked up a free audio tour CD that guided us through 7 communities in Elkhart county’s Amish country.

Quilt Gardens Tour 4

The Amish are known for simple living, plain dress and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern living.

Quilt Gardens Tour 5

Motor vehicles are one such convenience of modern living. The Amish use horse and buggy.

Quilt Gardens Tour 6

The audio CD tells the area’s history with personal stories and fun-facts. More than once, we all said, “I didn’t know that!”

Quilt Gardens Tour 7

For instance, on roads in Amish country, there is a darkened strip on the edges. This is caused by the horses’ hooves.

Quilt Gardens Tour 8

We took all day visiting the different towns and quilt locations.

Quilt Gardens Tour 9

One of our last stops was super fun…Rocket Science Ice Cream & Coffee Shoppe.

Quilt Gardens Tour 10

They make ice cream from scratch using real cream and freeze it with liquid nitrogen. It was delicious!

Quilt Gardens Tour 11

It was a great day.

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