March 26

Remembering Naughtiness – Story 1

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Freedom, Casper and Nikki, for the most part, are extremely well-behaved…but there have been moments of naughtiness.

Story 1 Freedom

I’m quite confident I’ve never done anything wrong.

Currently, we’re not in a “digging” phase, but shortly after Freedom and Casper joined our family, they both were in full-out excavation mode. I was worried that with all the holes in the yard, we were headed for a broken leg, so my husband came home with 4 bags of top soil to fill in the holes. He hauled the 4 bags to the back deck, opened one and filled in a hole. Freedom and Casper were very interested in their filled in hole, and I could see that this was not going to work. If they started digging up that deep, rich top soil, I was going to have a big mess. So, we covered up the hole with a bucket and went back to thinking.

Story 1 Casper

Is this the face of a naughty boy?

A couple days later we had a cold, rainy day. I let Freedom and Casper out for a bathroom break, and I went and did something inside the house. When I returned to let them in, there were two black dogs, standing on my black deck, waiting to come in. It was one of those moments where what my eyes were seeing and what my brain was trying to process weren’t quite together. Then, I caught sight of a piece of white plastic and realization dawned…THEY HAD DUG UP THE BAGS OF TOP SOIL! All 3 of the remaining bags.

I have only had this feeling once, but at that moment, I wished I didn’t have any dogs. Especially those two black dogs on my deck.

There was nothing else to do but get the hose, hook it up and hose down Freedom, Casper and the deck…in the now pouring rain. Needless to say, we don’t store bags of top soil on the deck any more. Lesson well learned.

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17 Responses to " Remembering Naughtiness – Story 1"

  • On, my. That WAS naughty.
    It’s obvious to me that neither of the two perfect angels pictured here actually caused the mess. They were simply innocent victims. There must have been some nasty culprit who sabotaged them. Maybe a cat . . . ?

  • I can see having that, I don’t want dogs right now feeling. Naughty kids!

  • Patty says:

    That’s funny! I bet they were shocked when they got hosed down in the rain. LOL Joey had starting digging holes in our yard before we left. I tried the top soil and that didn’t work. I ended up putting some rocks in it, some wood and dirt. It wouldn’t have lasted if we had stayed much longer.

  • genjiscorner says:

    On a regular basis, I wonder if we should have dogs. Usually it’s not anything that can’t be fixed with either a vacuum cleaner or a good steam cleaning.

  • Madi and Mom says:

    You are cooking with gas now!!
    I love love love today’s story about Freedom and Casper. Thank goodness for garden hoses.
    Once years ago we had a mini Doxie named Toto. If there was something stinky in the yard he WOULD find it. I guess my payback was putting that vertically challenged doxie in the tub where there was no escape.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  • I’m sure they thought you had purchased and placed those lovely bags of topsoil right there for them. Of course they would take advantage of your courtesy! There have been a few times that I too have wished I didn’t have dogs.

  • houndstooth says:

    Ha ha ha! Oh, that must have been quite a sight! We have one digger here and she has to be very closely supervised. 😛 Perhaps Freedom and Casper could take up a second career as landscape gardeners?

    P.S. I’m glad you got the comments fixed! 🙂

  • Fern Reed says:

    Most dogs love to dig. My Bambi didn’t!!! Bambi wasn’t a real dog!!! She was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her only one time —
    no dig!!! She never did again!!!

  • Dogs! What can you do with them. I wouldn’t have thought Greyhounds would dig but then again, I suppose you don’t have to be a jack russell to love digging.
    Elliot doesn’t dig but if he hears a dog outside the gate, he strops his back feet like a rooster so all the grass has little ruts and furrows in it now!
    Lynne x

  • Mom says she wouldn’t have to go back very far to remember naughtiness here:) We aren’t so much diggers as pawers – we paw at the grass to get at the soil just underneath. And if it is wet, it is even more appealing. Phantom is the only one of us who has any natural black furs, but many times Mom has found black dogs on our deck too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  • Angela J says:

    Those innocent faces! I don’t believe it….

  • Nothing like realizing you have that dirty a dog! Have a good one.

  • Love it. Moments like that make the best memories. I miss the naughty Georgia days (or should I say YEARS) and was quite horrified when her craziness disappeared almost over night. I thought she was sick.

  • Woof! Woof! Digging … I only learned it recently. You probably seen in my post, I love sand digging. I’ve never tried it on soil … I’ve been wearing my pawz boots at all times (even in my backyard). Might be an option for you and it’s an easy clean going in the house. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  • sue taylor says:

    Great story Lori and it not only made me laugh but struck a chord. We’ve had several diggers over the years and the despair of seeing the fully coated with muck does make you want to howl with frustration.

    Our current best digger is Twizzle and the garden is littered with buckets covering her holes so no one puts a foot down them.

    I will confess to losing my sense of humour when confronted my Twiz being black instead of white LOL.

    Love sue and the taylor hounds xxx

  • Penelope says:

    Bwaa! Haa! Haa!
    I hate to laugh, but that has happened here too!
    Nellie’s Mom

  • Deccy says:

    I have to come to the defence of my Cuz Casper! It was not him! It was that other greyhound called Casper that looks a bit like him……ahem… Deccy x

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