April 9

Remembering Naughtiness – Story 3

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I consider myself pretty lucky that I can only come up with three stories of naughtiness. I might have blacked something out, but if I was going to blackout any story, this would be it.

Freedom Story 3

Sheesh! Here we go again!

We have a fenced yard, so when the pups go outside to do their “business,” they wander around, and I often do a little something inside the house…never for long, but I don’t watch them every minute.

This particular day, I let them out then went inside and did something. After doing whatever I did, I went to the back door to let them in. No pups were at the door waiting to be let in (not unusual), so I looked in the backyard, but didn’t see Freedom, Casper or Nikki. Again, not unusual, because sometimes they are behind a tree or close to the house, but usually I can see at least one of them, so I opened the door and looked out. No pups. I step outside and looked around…that’s when I saw the open gate.  My heart dropped to my stomach. I really can’t describe exactly what I did next because I was in a panic. My breath was ragged, my thoughts were racing; I felt like I was running circles. I didn’t know what to do first or at all. I stumbled back in the house, grabbed my car keys and the pups’ leads and ran out to the car. I jumped in and took off down the street. I didn’t know which way to go or where to look.

 Casper Story 3

I can’t believe I’m in every one of these stories! I’m just going to take a nap in the drapes.

I pulled out my cell phone and tried to dial my husband’s number, but I flubbed it up. Just as I started to dial again, I saw Freedom running towards the car. I stopped the car, called her over and literally threw her into the front seat. Then, I saw Casper and Nikki sniffing around a house. A lady was walking down the street towards me. I hollered to her, “Would you help me get those dogs?” She called them and both Casper and Nikki came to her. It turned out the lady was the mother of one of my daughter’s friends. She made pleasant talk, but I can’t remember one thing she said to me. I think I was friendly and nodded at the appropriate times, but my head was spinning and I couldn’t focus. All I could think was that I had all 3 houndies.

 Nikki Story 3

I was an innocent victim. I am not a naughty hound.

Now, I usually don’t have a messy car, but this day I had the entire back seat full of bags I was taking to the Goodwill, so I had to ask the kind lady if she would walk Casper and Nikki to my house. I got back in the car and poor Freedom was panting her brains out because I had closed her up in a hot car. I drove Freedom home and my kind neighbor walked Casper and Nikki to the house. I got them inside, and I had to lay down.  I immediately went to sleep and slept until my husband got home. The relief was so great and the adrenaline rush so intense, I was like a limp noodle when it was over.

The line between comedy and tragedy is very thin. I’m fortunate that all turned out okay because this could have been one of the worst days of my life. My heart breaks for anyone who has lost a pet.

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33 Responses to " Remembering Naughtiness – Story 3"

  • Sue says:

    I am so glad all three were ok. I had that happen with two ponies once. Still remember the horror that enveloped me when I realised they were out on the road.

  • Daisy says:

    Glad they were okay AND you found a willing neighbour. But, if the gate’s open, we’re going to go out..every time!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  • Kat says:

    Ooooh. Been there. Done that. Know the feelings! So glad they were all okay. *Love* the pictures…especially the nap behind the drapes 😀

  • Yep, my mum would has had a heart attack…dis has happened to hers with Brudder Albert. Her just had washed her hair and her went chasin’ him down da sidewalk with her hair all up in a towel…and flip flops. NOT A PURTY SIGHT!
    I am so thankful dis turned out wells and somebuddy was willin’ to helps you withs da pups. You know, sometimes we dogs do likes to keeps hoomans on their toes.


  • genjiscorner says:

    Eek! Open gate stories are always scary. Glad it was over quickly. We had not been here long at the new house when on a super windy day, I too realized that one of the pups was missing. A boarder no less. A father and son jogging down the street saw him, knew we were the crazy greyhound house, and they jogged back with him following. Since then, we have added drop bars to each gate (so double gate as two drop bars), and bungee cords for extra security.

  • Oh where would you be without the excitement we provide huh?! Mum was driving home from work once and noticed a big dog trotting along the road about 1/4 mile from where we live. She did a double take and realized it was Flynn. She says she will never know how she didn’t cause an accident swerving across the road to get him. Same kind of thing happened as you…gate got left open and he got bored and decided to take himself on his usual walk.

  • Patty says:

    I can’t imagine loosing three. One is bad enough. LOL It was lucky the lady was there and that the dogs went to her. Scout would, but Joey, I don’t know about him. He would rather explore than be social.

    How many grey hairs did you have after this? LOL

  • I have known that feeling. We lost Torrey for about an hour when she was a puppy, due to someone else. I was walking the streets, calling her name, crying my eyes out. So stressful!!

  • stella rose says:

    My moms stomach hurt when she read your post…she is so glad your story turned out real well, cos with our brudder sammer it did not, and it will make her heart hurt forever. now she never ever ever trusts us without a leash, ever. She wishes we would just listen to her, but we won’t. We are stubborn that way.
    stella rose

  • Whoa! That was a close one! Glad you found them all! It’s good they were trained well, or knew well enough to come to you, or omgoddness three greyhouds on the run….O_O lol. Luckily Kirby I have taught very well, to come whencalled, so he is amazing and listens all the time when we are out, our other dog at the house, Poe is not so great at it, so when he gets out (which he has) it used to be a game for him, luckily I think now that he is a senior, he listens better, and has less escapie escapades!

  • Madi and Mom says:

    OMWord!!! Mom was hyperventilating with you. She told me she knew your exact fear…and the feeling in the pit of your tummy. Our first family pet, Toto the mighty mini Doxie/aka mini Greyhound, was a dasher too and boy could he run even w those stubby legs. Thank goodness all of the scent hounds were found sniffing!!!
    Hugs madi and Mom

  • Mom says she so knows that feeling. It happened to her once and it was many years ago. She will never forget the fear she felt in her heart. Our gate now has a lock on it so she can feel assured it is never left open.

    That was one very nice lady to help you out.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  • That must have been pretty stressful! It’s funny how something so tense and horrible seems quite funny when time passes.
    Lynne x

  • houndstooth says:

    I feel your pain!

    Back when we had our first pair of Greyhounds, Treat and Hawk, we were getting ready to go for a walk one afternoon. There are two doors to get outside, so we usually open the back door of the house, go into the hallway between the house and garage, leash up and then take off. Only, on this day, my husband forgot to close the garage door. We opened the back door, let them out and then as I walked out, I was stunned to see daylight through the door and no Greyhounds. I rushed down the stairs to see them both running — in circles around the van! They loved going for rides so much that they both ran to the van in hopes of getting in and never thought about leaving the garage. We opened the van door, let them in and drove them to get ice cream!

  • Fern Reed says:

    The tears are flowing!!! You know how I felt when I lost Zoie!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To this day and my guess will be for a long long long time I cry and feel the lose so strong. I must think about that morning she died 20 times a day!!! She jumped the 6 ft fence!!!!! I am still broken!!!
    So happy things turned out good for you and the Pups!!!!!

  • That’s terrifying! My worst nightmare, except we live on a highway.
    Nola’s Mom

  • That feeling of panic you feel when you see that open gate is horrifying. I know exactly how you felt and am soooooo happy you found them and got them home safe and sound.

  • Penelope says:

    That would be scary! Having lived in cities and towns, and had lost animals, I worry.
    We had the reverse happened the other day (Monday)..I came home from walking my girls to find a strange dog in the yard. Our yard is fenced to keep our girls in. Our neighbor found a dog wandering on our street. He does not have a dog, and knows all us dog owners in our village know each other, so he put the strange dog in our yard (his is unfenced).
    When we arrived home from our walk, the girls were quite surprised (but happy) to find a new friend in our yard! I had never met the dog and had no idea who it belonged too! The play started and I went in to telephone. First on the list was Mr S. he lives 2 doors down and manages our village campground.
    Yes! There were people in the campground and one couple had a small dog – or had said so on their form. He went to the park and I went to check the stranger out.
    He was in great shape, I could feel a chip around his shoulders (good, if his owners did not show up I could take him to the vet to check it out) and he had no collar. He was terrier cross and well socialized.
    When I called my girls and said, “sit”, he sat too. And he waited for his treat.
    20 minutes later, Mr S showed up with a very distraught older woman, her husband was still out looking. Mr Tibbs has escaped and they had been looking for him for 2 hours. When they asked at the village office about lost animals – they were told not to worry, everyone knew the local dogs and theirs would be found, cared for and returned quickly.
    Mr Tibbs had spent almost an hour in our yard, but we have no idea what he was doing for the previous hour.
    They were so very happy to be reunited.
    This is not the first time we have housed a stranger, I am constantly amazed how many dogs escape when they are on vacation with their people. There are 6 of us dog owners in our village whose yards can be used as a temporary sanctuary for a lost dog (we are too small to have an animal control officer). Our village office knows where these yards are and will start calling if a visitor shows up in the village office.
    We do it for the other dogs in town too! If Star or Smokey or Heinz are found where they are not supposed to be, there are yards where they can be placed until the owner is contacted.
    I love living in a village!

    • lori says:

      What a great story! My husband and I are very sensitive and try to help when we see a loose pup. Before I had dogs, I just assumed they all eventually found their way home.

  • Woof! Woof! That was scary. Believe it or not it happened to my mom too. Our gardener left he backdoor gate open. One day mom was sick and just opened the back door and of course I disappeared. Mom changed got her keys and opened the front door … there I was SMILING! Silly ME!
    Golden Happy the are safe. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  • Blitz says:

    Oh my! That is my mom’s biggest fear…says I couldn’t find my way out of a papersack. I have only gotten lost once (I was not lost…the UPS man started rolling with me in the truck…did not take long for him to return me!)….and my mom was not happy.

  • urban hounds says:

    Oh my gosh that is terrifying!!!!!! I am so so glad you got them back safe and sound. Also I LOVE that picture

    urban hounds

  • How can I look at those sweet dogs, those sweet faces, and believe they did anything bad? So glad you didn’t lose any of them!

    I know what you mean though. I’ve had one run out on me, and the feeling you get when you realise they’re gone is indescribable. Luckily for me, the first time Jim got out of the end of the garden, said hello to a neighbour and trotted round to our front door and barked to be let in! The second time he followed my son out and got lost, and a woman stopped her car while we were running around like headless chickens looking for him by the main road and she actually had him in her car! She’d picked him up and was going to take him in to the dog warden.

    Our garden is now fenced all around with five foot fencing set in concrete baseboards and with five foot gates.

  • I know the feeling. Thump thump THUMP. I’m not sure who the naughty one was in this story. The person who left the gate open?

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