May 5

Rick Rack = Flower

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April Showers Bring May Flowers


McCall’s Pattern #M6047 (This pattern has instructions for 10 different fabric flowers. It is well worth purchasing, if you love fabric flowers.)


Jumbo (5/8″ wide) Rick Rack






Fabric Glue (optional – not in the picture)

1.  Mark and cut a 2-1/2″ circle from the felt.

2.  Using a double-threaded needle, tack the end of the rick rack to the outer edge of the felt circle.  I used a little fabric glue on the raw edge to prevent fraying.

3.  Hand gather along one edge of the rick rack, adjust fullness and sew the rick rack to the outer edge of the felt circle.  I sewed through three “bumps,” gathered, then tacked down…repeat.

4.  Continue gathering and sewing the rick rack to the felt circle, overlapping rows.

5.  Turn under the end at the center of the flower and tack down.

6.  What a pretty flower!  Add a pin back to make a lovely accessory or sew on to a pillow that needs a pick-me-up.

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