November 25

Rob Roy

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Rob Roy is loosely based on the life of the Scottish Highland folk hero, Rob Roy Macgregor.  Set in Scotland in 1713, clan leader Rob Roy Macgregor is forced to borrow money from the Marquis of Montrose to help his clan survive a harsh winter. When a young acquaintance of the Marquis’ plots to steal Macgregor’s repayment and is successful, Macgregor must fight for his honor.  This is a personal tale of an honorable man who must take a stand for what is right at the risk of losing everything.  If you love beautiful Scotland, well-crafted characters. good against evil, honor against treachery and a great sword fight, you’ll enjoy Rob Roy.

Art Every Day Month – Day 25


 Scrapbook Paper Flower

Made using this tutorial from Whimsical World of Laura Bird

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